Hello and welcome to the David Duchens photography website!


It is with some emotion that I am pleased to present today the website of my new company. Emotion, because this project is finally born, after many months of reflection and preparation. Emotion too, because this new activity represents for me the culmination of a long-standing passion for photography and image editing.

About David Duchens Photography

Initially, my project was to create the basis for an activity that essentially offered photo and image editing courses. Today, the foundations of the activity are laid. The current offering consists of several photography courses, as well as introductory, advanced (or on specific topics) courses on Adobe Photoshop image editing software. In the near future, as you can see already announced on the site, we will also offer video tutorials, and organize photo workshops (workshops) with different photographers. In the same way, our various offerings will evolve and gradually expand, with for example the upcoming addition of courses for Adobe Lightroom image correction software, or formulas combining photo and Photoshop courses.
David Duchens photograhie's goal is to eventually offer as comprehensive a range as possible, always bearing in mind a strong desire to offer quality content.
I will communicate regularly on these topics. If you would like to stay informed, you can also sign up for our newsletter.

A few words about the site
Having acquired a solid knowledge in creating sites under WordPress in recent years, supplemented by a training in web design last year, I was lucky enough to be able to create this site myself. I started from a blank page, with the idea of offering visitors a site that was clean, practical, fluid, but without sacrificing the design aspect. Also, I wanted the visitor to quickly, and above all easily, find the information he is looking for. Finally, you can also discover many small visual effects, which I wanted sometimes only aesthetic, and sometimes practical. It is often at the flywithe with your mouse that they will appear. So I'll let you find out for yourself.

How the site and courses work
All courses can be booked very simply with a few clicks on the site. Apart from two courses that are booked by phone or email, all other courses each have a booking schedule with available dates. You can find, if necessary, an accurate description of the booking process in our FAQ. Regarding the payment of courses, several options are offered at the time of ordering, including PayPal payments.
The site is secured thanks to an SSL certificate. The exchange of data is therefore encrypted.

NB: The first course dates start on July 8, 2017. The proposal in dates available according to the courses currently covers the month of July until Monday 31. During this week, the calendar for the following months will also be active.

The final word
So here's a quick presentation of this new site, because I'd rather let you find out for yourself. I am, of course, available to you for any questions or information regarding our offer and services. Also, feel free to comment on your remarks.

Thank you for your visit,

David Duchens


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