Private architecture course in black and white

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  • TTC Price for one person
  • Length of course: 8 hours
  • Location: the course takes place indoors in Paris intramural
    The exact address is communicated to the participant at least 48 hours before the reserved date
  • Requirements: Intermediate level in the use of Adobe Photoshop software

(see description below for more details)


This course offers the same content as the workshop architecture in black & whitewhich you can find below.
Two differences are to be noted compared to the workshop:
1 - This course is an individual course.
2 - This course is only given during the week (Monday to Friday - from 09h00 to 18h00).

Course description:
This course takes place in Paris, in a room equipped with an overhead projector. You will learn how to create black-and-white architectural images, in the style you can discover in the portfolio (black-white architecture section). To do this, you will work from a basic image, which you will gradually transform thanks to the techniques we will present to you. You will be guided throughout the process. As the course takes place over one day, we will also have time to present different techniques for selecting and improving contours. Finally, tips for using the software will be presented.

To whom this course is aimed:
It is aimed at all individuals, lovers of image retouching, and wishing to create images with high contrasts. This course can also improve his knowledge of Adobe Photoshop software.

To take this course, an intermediate level of Photoshop knowledge is required (good knowledge including the use of layers and layer masks;  smart objects selection tools) . If some points are not fully acquired, we will be able to review some of them during the course.
Please contact us to make a point about this.

Course content:

  • Introducing this image style : we will explain in a few words our technical and creative approach to these monochrome images.
  • Shooting conditions : We'll give you tips to get the best images to do the initial retouching, starting in the best conditions.
  • File development in Camera Raw : The raw file, commonly referred to as "raw", is the most complete, since not processed by definition, it is from this one that we will make the basic adjustments. Also, here are some interface preference settings, regarding the opening of files in general in Photoshop.
  • Opening the image in Photoshop : at this point, some additional adjustments will be made to the image.
  • Interface settings : We'll also make some interface adjustments. These will be useful in general, but especially to work on the type of image that interests us here. In particular, we will explain the image straightening techniques, which are often very useful in architectural photography.
  • The necessary tools : we will review the main tools we will use for creation (including: selection tools, layer masks, setting layers, smart objects and filters). If the possibilities and choices are varied in the use of Photoshop, we will offer you simple and effective choices here.
  • Conversion of the image to black and white : here we will tell you two methods, as well as the necessary settings.
  • Preparation of selections : this is where the creative process will begin. Here you will learn to make your choices, selecting different areas of the image, and thus preparing it for the next steps.
  • Creating light: you will learn the different techniques that will allow you to create the light related to this style of images.
  • Replacing sky : if it is present in the composition (which is almost always the case), you will learn how to replace it, and give it different effects (spun, etc.).
  • Creating the atmosphere : at this stage, several techniques will be explained to you, in order to create the final atmosphere of the image. We will work here on the contrasts in particular.
  • Corrections and finalization: this will involve making possible small retouching. We will also teach you two additional techniques, in order to fine-tune the atmosphere at the level of light play. Finally, we'll give you some tips to improve some aspects of the image.
  • Image recording : choice of format in high definition and for the web.
  • Printing: TheDuring our Photoshop courses on the theme of black-white architecture, we are regularly asked the question of the behavior of this type of files in print.
    Indeed, these images, very contrasted, going from intense whites to pure blacks, can raise questions as to the rendering they will have on paper.
    That is why we will be discussing this issue at the end of the day. We will talk about the choice of paper, different printing technologies, media (dibond, etc.). We'll also talk about pre-printing corrections.
    To illustrate this topic, you will be able to see several prints. They have been made on different papers and media, and will give you an overview.
  • Questions/answers: We will take stock of the concepts studied at the end of the day, and answer your questions.
  • Bonus - Offered: if your availability allows it, a 3-hour outdoor photo session (in Paris) will be offered to you the day after the indoor class. It will be an opportunity to present our course on architectural photography. Please let us know when you book.

Computer hardware:
You will need to bring your own computer (Mac or PC operating systems).
Adobe Photoshop software must be installed on the computer. Ideally, the version should not be predates the CS6.
Choose the use of a mouse, rather than the trackpad.
In case you don't have the necessary equipment, please contact us beforehand.

Image files:
Two Files in Photoshop format (an architecture image and a sky image) will be given to you at the beginning of the course (also possible to send them by WeTransfer the day before the course). It is from these files that you will create the new black-and-white image.

Summary of the course:
A 14-page pdf summary will be sent by email after the workshop. It can also be delivered directly at the end of the course, recovering it from a USB stick.
The summary presents all the important points of the course, with texts and screenshots.

What the course doesn't include:
Hardware and software
Lunch, drinks

Course cancellation conditions:
You can find the details in our General Terms ofSale.

Practical info:
Course date: to be defined when booking
Location: Paris (exact address will be communicated after booking)
Opening times: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Morning: 09:00 -13:00 (with a 15-minute break at 11:00 a.m.)
Lunch break: 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.
Afternoon: 2:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. (with a 15-minute break at 4 p.m.)
Course facilitator: David Duchens

This course is available in English language

For further information, please contact us on the phone number : 06 07 44 72 77
Our email address:

Thank you

2 reviews for Private tuition architecture in black & white

  1. Patrick PHILIPPo (confirmed customer)

    Excellent training that took place in a friendly and good mood, the different techniques approached in Photoshop are clearly explained and are followed by practical exercises under David's watchful eye.
    I recommend this training in a private class focused on the transfer of skills or David does not hesitate to communicate all his techniques and tips with pedagogy, the after-sales service is not to be outdone since David ensures the follow-up and assistance following the course.

  2. bruno.memeint (confirmed customer)

    Just out of this formation, I'm on a little cloud. The day went beyond my expectations. David is very generous, passionate, talented, I can only highly recommend this one-course training. David does not hesitate to answer any question, from the basis of Photoshop to printing. In short, I feel like I've spent a week in training.
    A pdf of all the techniques in order is provided, allowing the course to be resumed calmly. Just need now to practice as for any learning. But I know David's got an outstanding sAV behind.
    Go ahead, don't hesitate! Go for it!
    Another huge thank you, David. See you soon for an upcoming workshop, I'm contaminated!

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