Photoshop Creative Effects Course

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  • Rate for 1 person
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • Course objective: to learn several creative techniques
  • Prerequisite: advanced use of Photoshop
  • Video recording provided

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This course is available in English and French

It will allow you to learn how to create effects in your images, in the style you can see below in this description.

This course is aimed at advanced users of Photoshop, who already have a good knowledge of the software (layers, dynamic objects, blending masks, selections). If you do not master certain points, we can review them during the course. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this matter.

Several techniques and effects will be explained in this course:

- Directional blur :
If the application of this type of filter is simple to implement on an entire image, you will study here techniques allowing to place them in a localized way on an image of architecture. In order to give even more impact to the image, you will learn how to duplicate the effect, by dosing the gradients, and by playing with the blending modes of the layers in particular.











- Combination of black & white and color image :
Here you will learn how to mix the colours of a photo with its black & white version. This technique will require a preliminary work of selections and transformation.
You will learn how to give different atmospheres, by modifying the colours, or by creating a foggy atmosphere.


- Stacking :
This technique allows you to combine several layers, to give a look as you can see below. The placement of the layers will often give very different results.













- light ray :
It is possible to create rays by creating selections, and filling them with an adjustment layer. However, the result is not always perfect.
You will learn to create rays with a very different method, starting from a simple layer.















- Sky :
There are many possibilities to create surreal skies.
I will suggest you to discover some techniques.









The possibilities are endless when it comes to retouching images and adding creative effects, everyone will find their own way and style. Learning the different techniques and mastering these tools will allow you to reach your goal more easily and quickly with practice.

Video recording:
This course is accompanied by a video recording.
It is recorded during the course and includes the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video.
The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.

The Dxo Nik Collection suite can sometimes be useful for this course. Please note that its installation is not an absolute necessity.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


11 reviews for Photoshop creative effects course

  1. Françoise TESTINI (confirmed customer)

    A real pleasure this training format which allows a live inter reaction. David is a generous person who transmits his knowledge with passion and good humour. This training is a toolbox that allows us to develop our imagination. I recommend it to all those who wish to bring a new dimension to their images.

  2. Carmelina Carra (confirmed customer)

    I took the Photoshop Creative Effects Course with David and it was excellent. David is a very good teacher. He teaches the topic and then he lets you practice. It is very hands-on so that you get to practice what he just showed you. He is very knowledgeable and patience. We covered a couple of different technique and they are really good to know. David also recorded the session, so that you can refer back to it. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn advance photoshop techniques.

  3. david Lemoine (confirmed customer)

    Particularly attracted by natural or urban landscapes, I had signed up for the workshop on creating black and white architectural images and this training had completely met my expectations. This time I decided to take the Photoshop online course on creative effects. Once again I was blown away by the techniques I learned and by David's pedagogy. Everything is precise, everything is simplified and the techniques are optimised to save as much time as possible. The teaching aids are provided and the live classes are filmed, which is a big plus when you want to go back over the course. You can also ask him questions afterwards and he will answer you with great pleasure. My next course with David will still be on Photoshop and it will be on portraits between photography and painting.

  4. Jean-Michel COIN (confirmed customer)

    This is my second class with David after the one on black and white architecture. Once again I learned a lot of things. This course allows you to create surprising effects, David knows how to teach them to us with a lot of pedagogy. We follow his progress with the live video and then it's our turn to repeat the manipulations under David's benevolent eye. We are both spectators and actors, which is one of the great strengths of David's training, not to mention his ability to answer all our questions. We are autonomous very quickly and there is nothing left to do but to give free rein to our creativity :)

  5. muriel003 (confirmed customer)

    Fourth class with David, and always so clear in the explanations, and generous in the tips and tricks that make life easier with photoshop.
    This course is very playful and the actions are applicable to any type of image.
    I recommend this course which is very accessible.
    Thanks again David for your generosity and your pedagogy.

  6. christine (confirmed customer)

    David is really a super cool teacher, well prepared, who gives all these tips and this way of proceeding with explanation, then exercise by yourself, then back to the explanations, allows you to understand well and not be complicated. Everything seems simple because it's well explained. Thank you David and Bravo

  7. Padma Inguva (confirmed customer)

    I just took this course from David yesterday and I am so happy that I did not wait too long for it. First of all, he was very easy to communicate, accommodating when I asked him to give me a lesson this weekend on s a short notice and he totally agreed without hesitation. I was already impressed with his work so my expectations were high. Let me tell you that he exceeded my expectations! He is very thorough and very well prepared for the class. I loved his teaching method. First, he would demonstrate a technique and then he would let me practice and hold your hand via zoom session which is way better than me watching him do his magic and forget a few hours afterwards. He also gave me the recording to watch it later on so I am going to be working on a series while referring back to the recording every now and then. He was apprehensive about speaking in English but he had nothing to worry about. I understood everything he said. I will be taking more sessions with him in next few months!! His passion to share his knowledge is inspiring to me. If you want to take your photography to next level, you should definitely consult him for a session or two.

  8. Léa BADRAH (confirmed customer)

    Following trainings and courses with David is a guarantee to do well afterwards, a true passionate person who doesn't count the hours to transmit, share and develop knowledge and skills, each minute spent listening and following David's advice are real treasures, a richness to be applied immediately. I am looking forward to the next Workshop in Paris, I look forward to the new date. A thousand thanks David for everything and especially for your pedagogy and patience. To be recommended and to be consumed without moderation

  9. Severine TROLLET (confirmed customer)

    After three Photoshop courses and a workshop in Lyon, I tested this CREATIVE EFFECTS course and once again I am delighted with the quality of the advice given, the examples and David's availability. With these courses by visio, of a great fluidity, you can discuss with him as if he was close to you. So if you wish to discover, learn, improve yourself, don't look any further, David is there for you. A huge thank you to you and look forward to discovering other courses.

  10. Mitch Zoller (confirmed customer)

    Third different training with David, and once again I am conquered by his generosity and his desire to share his knowledge. This training on creative effects is great because it opens the doors to the many possibilities of Photoshop. What is also great with David is not because the training is over that it stops, he still takes his time afterwards to follow you and answer your questions. I can only give you a piece of advice, if you want to progress it's time to book a training with him. See you soon.

  11. Guilhem Doublet (confirmed customer)

    Third meeting with David for this Photoshop Creative Effects course, and once again it's a success. This course is full of little tricks (that you will have to learn to appropriate later) and the interactivity of the course already allows you to become familiar with the different techniques.
    As always David knows how to put you at ease and guide you in your realization in a very friendly spirit.
    I recommend this course all the more because contrary to the excellent black and white archi course, the tips are applicable to nature photos and not only urban photos.
    In short, a course that I highly recommend that will enrich your creative spirit !

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