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  • Rate for 1 person
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • The aim of the course: to acquire the basics to use Photoshop
  • Requirements: none
  • video provided

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This course is available in English and French

This course will introduce you to Adobe Photoshop software and introduce you to its use. The following points will be studied:

  • Discovering the interface (menus, tools and option bar, layers panel, correction tools, etc.)
  • Basic settings (preferences and colors)
  • RGB and CMJN modes
  • Image format and resolution
  • Accentuation and sharpness
  • The selection tools (presentation of the use of some basic tools)
  • Layers of settings (curve, level, etc.) and filling (solid color, gradient, etc.)
  • Layers, fusion maques, dynamic objects
  • Camera Raw Development Module
  • Registration for web and print

In order to put the explanations into practice, a photo will be used during the course. Photoshop being a very complete software and offering infinite possibilities, its learning requires time and practice. This course is intended to be practical rather than theoretical, so that you will be able to make the basic adjustments that are generally used by photographers.

Course video: This course is accompanied by a video. It is recorded during the course and covers the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video. The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.

7 reviews for Cours Photoshop initiation

  1. Joe LeGrand (confirmed customer)

    After searching for months, I stumbled into David on a Facebook Page I follow. Photoshop has been a mystery to me until I took this beginners course. It gave me levels of confidence I had not received from previous attempts at learning the basics. His teachings are always followed up with a recording for quick review and access. Plus integrating Zoom made for this one on one a success.

  2. Anne Laure PELARDT (confirmed customer)

    A course initiation photoshop individual this day. A morning rich in discoveries, David pedagogue, patient and clear explanations. The online practice via screen sharing allows to do the work at the same time and the video to be able to see and review and therefore not to say: damn it I forgot to note it. I have less apprehension about this software. I highly recommend it. And I can't wait to get to the next step.

    Anne Laure

  3. Christine LE CAM (confirmed customer)

    I hesitated for a long, long time... Lightroom user and a bit lazy, Photoshop seemed to me... a gas factory. This introductory course is well constructed, guiding you step by step with method and good advice that will create that magic click that makes you realize that finally it's not as complicated as you thought, that it's even just great. All you needed was access to the right keys... and the right trainer: pedagogical, patient, and a good listener. David is all of these things, but above all he is a passionate person who loves his job and an expert who masters his subject to perfection.
    A thousand thanks to David for your patience and this revelation :-)

  4. FRANCK LAMMENS (confirmed customer)

    Tinkering by myself on my side, I took advantage of the confinement to tell me and why not try to take a first course to familiarize myself with the photoshop tool. The trainer is a good listener and knew how to guide me easily with the screen sharing, thanks to the technology that allows you to follow distance courses really easily. It's now up to me to become more familiar with this first course and the second one is to be scheduled very quickly during the summer holidays.

  5. jp.vagner (confirmed customer)

    I had been trying to get by with this software for a while with the help of tutorials, but Photoshop was still an untameable hellish machine for me.
    David's Initiation course allowed me to discover the basics of this software in a very simple and methodical way. I have now understood how to approach the processing of an image, the use of masks and layers and many other features.
    David is an excellent pedagogue who knows how to be accessible to everyone.
    These few hours are quickly gone, all I have to do now is put into practice and follow the advanced course.
    If you're reading these few lines, I suppose you're looking to master photoshop, stop looking, you're in the right place and take this course, you won't regret it.
    Jean Paul

  6. jose.dacosta32 (confirmed customer)

    Professional, attentive and available.
    Very interesting and enriching course for beginners who want to evolve in photography.
    But also for amateur photographers who want to improve their skills.
    Such a pleasant moment, I didn't see the time pass.
    David is a kind and patient pro.
    I personally recommend him to you.


  7. zorky00 (confirmed customer)

    It's my husband who for Christmas offered me 1 Photoshop Initiation course with David. The course is done via Skype with screen sharing (a first for me) which I find absolutely brilliant! Each one in front of his computer, quietly posed without needing to leave the place to one or the other for the explanations or the TP.
    Photoshop was for me, a huge "3 headed monster" impossible to tame. The interface, the millions of useful icons available, the layers, the blending masks etc... In short... In short... Hell... Compared to Lightroom which has a fairly simple interface, with which I am at ease, for Photoshop I had a real block. The challenge was therefore great for David.
    But here it is... David is quiet, very patient, an excellent teacher as there are few. Passionate, he transmits his knowledge with a rare generosity. He takes the time to explain, to guide, again and again, as long as it is necessary, without ever losing patience. He is reassuring.
    I was finally able to start an approach to this software that I was clearly avoiding until now.
    A really exciting course with the master.
    David is not only a very talented photographer but also a really outstanding teacher!
    In conclusion, if for you... Photoshop is a software that, like me before, seems much too complicated to approach, take or offer you one of his "Initiation Photoshop" courses. Really...


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