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  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: good knowledge of Photoshop (intermediate level)
  • Video recording provided

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This course is available in English and French

This style of portraiture is commonly referred to as "Fine Art" or "painterly portrait effect".
This course will teach you how to create this style of image, and obtain visual renderings that are somewhere between photography and painting . You can see some examples under the course thumbnail (click on the images to enlarge). The atmosphere, the colors, the backgrounds, and also the luminosity, create a whole characteristic of this style of image.

This course is intended for users with a good knowledge of Photoshop (intermediate level).
The mastery of the blending masks and the dynamic objects are necessary to follow the course easily.
Concerning the selections, the technique (which will be about the only one necessary here) allowing to separate the subject from the background, will be an integral part of the course, and will be explained in detail.

Course Content :

  • Presentation of this style of image:
    We will discuss the characteristics that are regularly found in these images.
  • Shooting:
    Although we start from a file that will be provided to you, the shot used as a starting point for this style of image also has its own characteristics. These will be explained.
  • Trimming the subject :
    This is the essential technical point I mentioned above. In this course, you will learn how to crop the subject with precision. Indeed, the idea is to place a new background behind the portrait. Selecting a character is usually a complex job, because of small elements such as hair.
    The technique explained here will be clipping using layers, and working on an alpha layer (also known as a separation mask in this case).
    There are several methods to create layers as a basis for the preparation work. They will be explained in detail.
  • Edge enhancement :
    A clipping often needs to be refined. You will study the different techniques to obtain a precise result.
  • Paint effect :
    Several effects will be studied. Insofar as these are intended to be subtle, in order to remain between photography and painting, they will be applied in a localized manner, and with different techniques.
  • Atmosphere:
    Here is a very important point. Indeed, as you can see in the examples, the atmosphere of these images is always very particular.
    Once all the elements are in place in the image, work will be done to create the atmosphere. Several techniques and tools will be studied.
  • Final rendering:
    Once the result is obtained, you will study the possible variants. An image created is always a reflection of its own sensitivity. We each have our own, and that is why we will end the course on this subject.

Software :
For this course, in addition to Adobe Photoshop, the Nik Collection suite will need to be installed on your computer.
If you don't have it, you can find a trial version, or buy a license on the DxO website.

Working files :
The images (1 portrait file and 1 texture file) will be provided just before the start of the course (sent by WeTransfer).
If you wish to work with your own images, you can let me know beforehand. Provided that these correspond to the standards necessary for the technical needs of the course, we will be able to use them during the course.

Video recording :
This course is accompanied by a video recording.
It is recorded during the course and includes the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video.
The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.

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  1. Severine TROLLET (confirmed customer)

    Another tailor-made course where David takes the time to explain, to make you work in real time on the new techniques covered. A very attentive trainer who will know how to make you feel at ease very quickly with the photoshop software; I have followed several of his courses, and I can't wait to order another one already. I can only recommend him, you always learn a lot through his training. Thanks again for all your advice David, see you soon

  2. René ROUYER (confirmed customer)

    Super distance learning, individualized, more than 3 hours, David is a very good trainer, very pedagogical and listening to the trainees. He gives a lot of advice: tips, shortcuts... very useful for the use of Photoshop in general. The supports that accompany this training, file and video recording of the session, are of high quality and extremely useful to apply the different themes discussed. In short, a top-notch course that I recommend if you are interested in the photo-painting theme, just make sure that hardware acceleration (OpenCL or OpenGL) is supported by your graphics card and recognised by Photoshop! Thanks David!

  3. pnguyenphoto (confirmed customer)

    Even if we expect less from David on the portrait, we find all his rigor recognized in the architecture: the 3 hours are spent quickly and are well used. The steps are progressive and several techniques are approached from clipping, to the replacement of the background and the application of texture as well as different effects to give this final pictorial rendering to the image. And as usual, for those who know David, he is not stingy with good advice and little bonuses. Having an intermediate level in Photoshop, I still discovered a lot of tips given by David throughout the session. At the end, we receive a video of the course, which allows us to quietly review the different steps of retouching ... The course is a very good basis to be able to deepen his technique and style between photography and painting :)

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