Photoshop sublimate nature Course

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  • Tariff in euros for 1 person,all taxes included
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • Objective of the course: sublimate the images of nature
  • Prerequisite: advanced use of Photoshop
  • Other software required for this course: Nik Collection
  • Video recording provided

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This course is available in English and French

It will allow you to learn how to sublimate your images, in the style you can see in the examples under the course thumbnail. You can also find some "before / after" below in this description.

This course is aimed at advanced users of Photoshop, who already have a good knowledge of the software (layers, dynamic objects, blending masks, selections). If you do not master certain techniques, do not hesitate to contact me, to make a preliminary point.

You will work on photos taken in the forest, in the fall. This is the time when nature offers its magnificent colour palettes. This course will teach you techniques that will allow you to obtain results with a visual rendering that is "boosted" compared to the initial shot. You will learn how to create different atmospheres, by playing with light, colours, modifying the sky, or adding sun rays.

Course Content :

  • Shooting: technique and advice.


  • Sky replacement :
    two techniques will be discussed:
    - If you have a very recent version of Photoshop, the automatic sky replacement tool will be explained.
    - You will also learn how to divert the sky in a "classical" way, using separation masks (preparation on an alpha layer). This technique is very efficient for selecting small elements. This will be the case here with the branches and foliage of trees.
  • Colors :
    Colours are one of the main elements to work with.
    You will learn how to use several settings that affect them. The changes will sometimes be global, but most often localized. We will therefore use tools here to select areas of the image.
  • Atmosphere:
    As you will have noticed by looking at the images illustrating this course, the general atmosphere is almost always modified from the basic image. You will learn how to create different moods, sometimes with global applications on the image, but more often by playing with lights and shadows in a localized way. The creation of rays of light, the dramatization of the sky, or the creation of mist, contribute strongly to the overall atmosphere. You will learn all these techniques, which will allow you to achieve the results you want.
  • Filters :
    You will discover in this course the use of several filters from the Nik Collection suite (see below the software section). Some of them contribute to work an atmosphere in a very simple way.


Software :
For this course, the Nik Collection suite will need to be installed on your computer.
If you don't have it, you can find a trial version, or buy a license on the DxO website.

Concerning Adobe Photoshop, the most recent version will have to be installed on your computer, if you want to approach the new automatic sky replacement tool. If you have an older version, sky replacement with a classic separation mask method will be covered during the course.


  • This course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. I will adapt and alternate these two parts according to your already acquired knowledge, and the techniques I will present to you.
  • For the practical part, you will be guided through the image creation process, live during the videoconference, thanks to screen sharing.
  • In order to optimise the duration of the course, I invite you to read the section "How the Photoshop course is run" on the page frequently asked questions.
  • The image files for this course are provided.


Video recording :
This course is accompanied by a video recording.
It is recorded during the course and includes the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video.
The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.

Some "before and after" examples:





6 reviews for Photoshop courses for nature

  1. Anne Laure PELARDT (confirmed customer)

    After having done the black and white course I have just followed "sublimating nature". David always teaches, is patient and is not stingy with his explanations or his time. For my part, putting into practice during the course allows me to understand better and the video to repeat endlessly. And David is always ready to listen to our doubts and questions even after the course is over. I can only recommend David's skills. Thank you, I have learned a lot.

  2. karim dakouri (confirmed customer)

    I met David during a live session and I did several online trainings with him. I learned a lot thanks to his great pedagogy and his patience, I am a person who gives a lot of time to his students, I highly recommend David to all people who want to progress in PS.

  3. christine (confirmed customer)

    I have just taken this course from David and as with all his courses, David is a great creative person, he has very good ideas and he is also a great teacher. His explanations are clear and David doesn't hesitate to repeat his explanations if we don't understand right away. And as everything is recorded, it allows you to practice without complex, thank you David and bravo.

  4. Françoise TESTINI (confirmed customer)

    A pedagogical training, in which David teaches us how to sublimate a landscape with PS tools.
    David is a seasoned trainer, an excellent pedagogue who does not hesitate to share all his experience.
    The individual online course is like a real coaching, putting the learning of the different tools used during the session within everyone's reach. The live exchanges during the course allow an easy assimilation of PS with, as a bonus, the video of our personalized training to train and not forget anything.
    I encourage everyone who has passed the beginner level to follow this advanced PS training.
    A big thank you David for your availability and see you soon for the next training.

  5. Danielle Zahn (confirmed customer)

    I just finished the Sublimating Nature course, and I really enjoyed it.
    Knowing David already for having done one of his workshops in Paris, and the patience that characterizes him, I knew that he would listen to me, which was perfectly the case!
    He was able to guide me throughout the course, thanks to a video screen sharing, to make me progress throughout the course, by making me realize after him the exercises shown and explained.
    A course which really approaches very interesting techniques in post-processing of landscapes on Photoshop. An approach that I found very creative and artistic, adaptable to many other photographic subjects.
    I recommend without moderation this really very enriching course, conducted with brilliance, competence, pedagogy ... And patience .... Thanks to you David .

  6. muriel003 (confirmed customer)

    I just took the course to sublimate the images of nature. I have to say the results are bluffing.
    I have already followed other sessions with David who knows how to perfectly adapt the course to the needs and/or level of the trainee and his pedagogy.
    The balance between the demonstration of the actions to be carried out and the practice is ideal. All the actions to be carried out are accessible.
    If you want to sublimate images that you have at the bottom of your hard disk because they are "too good", this is THE course that you need, the result is more than surprising.

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