Online workshop digital blending and sublimating nature

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This workshop is presented in French only

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  • Dates: Sunday 15 and Sunday 22 May 2022
  • Timetable: from 16:00 to 19:00
  • Workshop duration: 3 hours on 15 May + 3 hours on 22 May 2022
  • Prerequisite: knowledge of Photoshop basics
  • Video summaries of the 2 sessions provided
  • Number of registrations to date: 11

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Preamble :
After a first collaboration on a workshop dedicated to digital blending in 2019 in Paris, and an online workshop in 2021, Daniel and I are happy to propose this brand new online workshop.

The original idea here is to offer 2 workshops in 1, with landscape photography as the main theme.
In a first session on May 15, 2022, Daniel will present his remarkable technique in the art of mixing different exposures, in order to obtain his beautiful images. As he says himself when presenting his approach, and I quote: "direct output from the sensor is not a concept I am familiar with. I don't pretend to represent reality, but an idealised version of it".
David, in a second session on Sunday 22 May 2022, will present his techniques for creating atmospheric nature images. Like Daniel, David likes to add his own creative touch to his images.

Contents of the workshop :
Digital blending by Daniel Cheong:
Digital blending is a technique that consists of creating an image from several shots of the same subject, with different exposure times and settings, and at different times.

  • Presentation of this image style:
    a presentation will be made with before and after examples.
  • Shooting conditions :
    Tips will be given, including multiple shots in bracketing mode, and the use of ND (neutral density) filters for long exposures.
  • Developing the file in Camera Raw :
    the raw files, commonly called "RAW", being the most complete, since they are unprocessed by definition, it is from these that the basic adjustments will be made.
  • Techniques :
  • Digital Blending technique applied to landscape photography. Combination of exposures taken with different settings (ISO, aperture, speed), as well as with ND filters. Some tricks to accentuate lights and paint colours will be explained. The finalization of the image will be done with Nik Collection Color Efex filters.
  • Creation of vertical panoramas (Vertoramas).
  • Focus Stacking. This technique allows you to obtain a perfectly sharp image from the foreground to the background, even when the foreground is very close to the lens.

All these techniques will be shown live on Photoshop.

Sublimating nature by David Duchens :
In this session you will learn how to sublimate your landscape images, in the style you can see in the examples under the course thumbnail.
The work will be done from a photo taken in the forest, in autumn. This is the time when nature offers its magnificent palette of colours. This course will teach you techniques that will allow you to obtain results with a visual "boost" compared to the initial shot. You will be able to create different atmospheres, by playing with light, colours, modifying the sky, or even adding sun rays.

  • Shooting :
    technique and advice.
  • Sky replacement :
    Two techniques will be discussed:
    - The automatic sky replacement tool in Photoshop will be explained.
    - You will also learn how to crop the sky in the "classic" way, using separation masks (preparation on an alpha layer). This technique is very effective for selecting small elements. This will be the case here with the branches and foliage of trees.
  • Colours :
    Colours are one of the main elements to work on.
    You will learn to use several of the most impactful settings. The modifications will sometimes be global, but most often localised. You will therefore use tools to select areas of the image.
  • Atmosphere :
    As you will have noticed from the images in this course, the overall mood is almost always different from the base image. You will see how to create different moods, sometimes with global applications on the image, but more often by playing on the lights and shadows in a localised way. The creation of rays of light, the dramatisation of the sky, or the creation of mist, all contribute strongly to the overall atmosphere. All these techniques will help you achieve the results you want.
  • Filters :
    You will discover in this course the use of several filters from the Nik Collection suite (see below the software section). Some of them contribute to work an atmosphere in a very simple way.

As with Daniel's session, the techniques covered will be demonstrated live on Photoshop.

Questions / Answers :
During the different stages of the 2 workshops, questions may be asked.
Also, 30 minutes will be devoted at the end of the workshop for a question and answer session.

Course of the workshop :
This workshop is delivered online (via the Internet), and live. The ZOOM video conferencing application will be used. The connection is established in a few clicks. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to Zoom to participate in the workshop. An invitation link will be sent to you by e-mail before each session. You will then simply be asked to download the application, in order to get the user interface. It is very easy to learn. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Video summary :
This workshop is accompanied by a video summary for each session.
It is recorded live during the workshop.
The video will be sent to you in MP4 format, via WeTransfer, after each session.

Practical information :
Workshop leaders: Daniel Cheong on 15 May & David Duchens on 22 May 2022.
Dates and times of the workshop: Sunday 15 May 2022 from 4pm to 7pm and Sunday 22 May 2022 from 4pm to 7pm

Nota Bene: this workshop is only offered in French.

You can find Daniel Cheong's work on the following networks:
Facebook: https: //
Instagram: https: //

Note: for English-speaking audiences, this workshop will also be offered in English soon.

10 reviews for Online workshop digital blending and sublimating nature

  1. Daniele Schlusmans (confirmed customer)

    What a pleasure, as always, to attend David's classes. Here with Daniel, two complementary presentations to sublimate your landscape really come out with the urge to experiment and to take advantage of all these techniques which will certainly require a little practice and assiduity but which will allow you to reach a higher level of post-processing. No fear or panic, his courses are very educational and he gladly passes on all his little tricks that will change your life...

  2. Claire Laur-Schneider (confirmed customer)

    David and Daniel show us on several examples that with simple techniques and a few easy-to-use tools, we can sublimate our landscape photos, or manipulate their pixels to make them say what we want. You can intervene at will to ask questions and get answers. David is also very willing to share his tips and tricks. A very instructive and formative workshop!

  3. Robert THEYSSENS (confirmed customer)

    Two complementary training courses because it is about sublimating landscapes in different fields with different techniques.
    You never get bored during these 2x 3h, you always want to learn more :D
    This kind of training is very pleasant because there is a real exchange between the trainers and the photographers.
    I highly recommend this course.

  4. knirsimloo (confirmed customer)

    It is quite surprising to see David Duchens working on a landscape I admit but the technicality and precision are there. Having Daniel Cheong as a guest star on the first sequence was absolutely phenomenal and this workshop allowed me to learn several master techniques at once.

    The workshops with David Duchens are always very instructive and take place in a "club" atmosphere of friends, whether in person or by video. Indeed, David often has recurrent participants, whose level, strengths and needs he knows. The participants sometimes also know each other and David is very careful to put any newcomer at ease. Bonds are quickly formed and good humour is the order of the day. Here, there is no harm in not knowing, no fear of not "having the level". Of course, these workshops are aimed at photographers who have a minimum of experience in shooting and post-processing, but it is not necessary to be a pro either.

    David takes the time to explain and show step by step his manipulations, taking care to show first the starting point and the desired result. Many keyboard shortcuts are used in his explanations, as well as many explanations of problems often encountered and tricks. Above all, we discover how he thought about and built his sequence of steps. You can see how he thought about and built his sequence of steps. You can see how a work that initially seemed unattainable, incomprehensible in terms of post-processing, was created. We also discover that in the end there is a lot of latitude, trials, moods and luck involved. There is no one way. Everyone can learn the techniques, assimilate the methods and reproduce according to their taste.

    Moreover, David does not hesitate to test, comment, validate or criticize new features of Photoshop or Lightroom, new software such as Luminar etc. in all neutrality and that helps to make its own idea.

    In short, David Duchens' workshops are a treat, a level of technicality, intimacy and caring interaction that puts the experience on a whole different scale from the best of the online tutorials, whether free or paid, in the field of photo post-processing.

  5. Thierry Ferrando (confirmed customer)

    Where to start as there are so many things to say at the end of these two sessions spent in the company of Daniel and David. They were able to demystify the approach to photo processing in Photoshop by popularising and clearly showing their approaches, all in an excellent atmosphere. Very high level content that opens new creative perspectives. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to discover new approaches to photography while having a great time. Thank you both and see you soon.

  6. david Lemoine (confirmed customer)

    I was impatient to follow these 2 trainings with Daniel and David. I was not disappointed by the content, they are 2 experts in photo editing who do not hesitate to reveal all their secrets with a lot of pedagogy. The courses are recorded and the materials are provided, which is a big plus for reviewing all this later. I can only recommend David's training courses as he will be able to adapt to all your needs. A very big thank you to both of you.

  7. Saloua Ouhiba (confirmed customer)

    First of all, thanks to David and Daniel for these very well constructed and interesting courses. A lot of pedagogy and concrete examples with exercises on their images to illustrate their words. They reveal their secrets with a lot of generosity. I highly recommend this workshop (Digital Blending and Sublimating Nature)... you have two experts at your service, who give their all. Thank you very much!

  8. were Renault (confirmed customer)

    Excellent course, always a plus to give to the trainees, I never get tired of it! Since 2019, thank you both!

  9. Nicolas AGUILAR (confirmed customer)

    Two very informative and pedagogically distilled courses. I am a beginner on photoshop but it is accessible and easily reproducible with the different course material that we are given afterwards. I would recommend it to anyone.

  10. Severine TROLLET (confirmed customer)

    What can I say? Two enthusiasts who unite to reveal all their secrets without any restraint. Two image surgeons who knew how to captivate us during these 2x3 hours of training. I can only recommend it to all those who want to learn and progress. Thank you both and I hope to see you very soon

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