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  • Date : Saturday 20 November 2021
  • Course schedule : 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Location: Paris
  • Total number of places: 6

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A photomontage, a complex selection, or corrections on an image, whether global or localized, often result from the use of several tools, settings and features. Their knowledge makes it possible to evaluate the best adapted ones according to the characteristics of an image, in order to obtain an optimal result.

This workshop was born from my experience acquired over the years, during my online Photoshop courses and workshops. If a creative image requires imagination, it is also a matter of technique. Moreover, a photomontage must be photo realistic. Even if it represents an "unreal" image, the whole must be coherent and well done.

I've been able to get a pretty good idea of what my trainees generally know about Photoshop, and the techniques they use. However, some of them are not always used to their full potential, and others are less known. The same goes for some tools.

This workshop will allow you to learn and/or improve certain techniques, tools, and settings. They will allow you to have at your disposal a wide range of possibilities to work on your images. Many of the techniques and effects included in this workshop come from my various creative Photoshop online courses.


Workshop content:

- Advanced selection techniques: a photomontage usually starts with the selection of one or more elements of an image (clipping), you will learn to master the techniques that will allow you to make very precise selections. Each image has its own characteristics, and you will learn to use the appropriate tools accordingly.
The mastery of selections is a fundamental element in the use of Photoshop, and that is why a particular accent will be put on this point.

- Blend mask: here again, this feature is one of the most important in the use of Photoshop. If its knowledge is often acquired for a regular user, we will see some advanced specificities.

- Colors : a photomontage is generally the assembly of several elements coming from different images, the important thing is that the final result is photorealistic. Indeed, the colorimetry, for example, can be different from one image to another, it will be necessary to make the necessary adjustments to obtain a balanced result. During the course you will learn how to balance the different elements.

- Motion blur :
While the application of this type of filter is simple to implement on an entire image, you will study here techniques to place them in a localized, and original way. The thumbnail image of this workshop is an illustration.

- Ambience:
The overall mood in a creative image is almost always modified from the base image. You will learn to create different moods, sometimes with global applications on the image, but more often by playing with lights and shadows in a localized way. The creation of rays of light, the dramatization of the sky, or the creation of mist, contribute strongly to the overall atmosphere. You will learn all these techniques, which will allow you to achieve creative results.

- Tips and tricks :
Throughout the course, several tips will be presented to you.

- Photomontage: several photomontages in the form of exercises will be made during the workshop.
These photomontages will use the different techniques detailed above.

Who is this workshopfor?
This workshop is for all image editing enthusiasts who want to learn techniques to create creative images. This workshop can also be used to improve your knowledge of Photoshop.

Location of the workshop :
This workshop will take place in Paris, in a room equipped with a video-projector. In order to give as much time as possible to each participant, the number is voluntarily limited to 6 people.

To follow this workshop, an intermediate/advanced level of knowledge of Photoshop is required (good knowledge in particular of the use of layers and masks of fusion; dynamic objects; tools of geometrical selection).
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this subject if necessary.

Computer equipment:
Each participant should bring their own computer (Mac or PC operating systems).
Adobe Photoshop software must be installed on the computer. Ideally, the version should not be older than CS6.
Use a mouse rather than a trackpad.
If you do not have the necessary equipment, please contact us beforehand.

Image files :
the work files will be given to each participant at the beginning of the course.

Video summary (NEW):
The workshop presentation and exercises will be recorded live.
The video in MP4 format will be sent via WeTransfer after the workshop.

Workshop follow-up (NEW):
A one-hour individual videoconference via Zoom following the workshop (date to be determined according to respective availability) is included in the workshop fee. It can be used or not. This session will allow, if necessary, to review certain points for example.

What the workshop does not include:
Hardware and software
Lunch, drinks

Cancellation conditions of the workshop :
You can find the details in our Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Please note that the workshop will not be held if the minimum number of 3 participants is not reached (we will keep you informed as soon as possible of the evolution of the reservations). In this case, the amount paid will be fully refunded.

Practical information :
Date of the workshop: Saturday 20 November 2021
Location: Paris (the exact address will be communicated after booking)
Timetable: from 09:00 to 18:00
Morning: 09:00 - 13:00 (with a 15 minute break at 11:00)
Lunch: 13:00 - 14:00
Afternoon: 14:00 - 18:00 (with a 15 minute break at 16:00)
Workshop leader: David Duchens

For further information, please contact us on the phone number : 06 07 44 72 77
Our email address:

Thank you


1 review for Workshop techniques for creative images Paris

  1. Saloua Ouhiba (confirmed customer)

    I had the chance to participate in the workshop "Techniques for creative images" where I could learn a lot. This workshop opens up new perspectives in image processing, and in creating images (of a world that you want to be either real or imaginary). If you consider yourself as a not very creative person, this workshop will open new doors for you because you will be able to become creative, and this mental limit that we sometimes put on ourselves will jump like magic. The different topics we worked on can be applied to many possibilities. What you thought was insurmountable, will seem easier. The pictures you usually admire in others will be within your reach.

    In addition to being passionate about his work, David is a very good trainer. He is very pedagogical. He explains well, and can re-explain if you don't understand. He is also very friendly, and the day passes in a joyful and good mood.

    You come out of this workshop with lots of ideas, and you see the world, and the photos you take and can take, in a new way. It's the trigger that unlocks the access to the imagination.

    Thank you David!

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