It was thanks to a gift from my grandparents at the age of 14, a Miranda REII reflex camera, that I took my first steps in photography. My interest grew and developed into a real passion in the early 1990s. Even then, architecture was my favourite subject. I spent nearly three years photographing the inner courtyards of Parisian buildings, which allowed me to discover many unusual places and to get to know my city better, which I tirelessly criss-crossed, always looking for new places to photograph.

It was in 2005 that I began to take an interest in digital technology, which had been shaking up the photographic industry for several years. I bought my first digital camera, a Nikon D70, with several lenses. The digital file, which replaces film, can be easily developed on a computer. I began to take an interest in Adobe Photoshop, which I would continue to study, in order to try to bring a personal touch to my images. As you can see when you look at my pictures, I don't always try to represent reality, although I always start from real scenes. After many years spent photographing mainly in colour, it is thanks to black & white that I express my work most often today. I like to work with strong contrasts and varied light effects, in order to try to obtain images with a strong visual impact.

It was around this time that I began to showcase my work more widely on the internet, thanks to the emerging photo sharing sites such as Flickr, to name but one of the most iconic. However, I would soon look for a more personal way to share my work. Curious about communication technologies, I decided to create my own website, without any knowledge of the subject. From there, a photo blog will be created, which will allow me to communicate and especially to share my passion, with notably tutorials, and many subjects on Paris. In 2016, I obtained a professional title of web graphic designer.

With this long experience in the field of image, I decided to take the step of creating my own activity in this field. For several years, I have been offering my services to companies and individuals. In addition to my main activity of training, I regularly collaborate with companies for which I mainly take architectural photos, and more particularly interior photos. More recently, I have also specialised in product photography. My mastery of image correction and retouching allow me to deliver work that is appreciated by my clients.

In 2021, I gave my first course in English. Since then, I have taken part in several international conferences, mainly in the United States, which have enabled me to develop an international clientele. This has also enabled me to develop collaborations with photographers/trainers specializing in different fields. These collaborations take the form of online workshops.

If passion is the word that comes up most often when I talk about photography, it is also the way I get involved in all my projects.

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