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On this page you will find a selection of reviews left by my trainees, following their participation in my various courses and/or workshops.
Several hundred people have already trusted me, and many of them have followed several of my courses.
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Workshop architecture in black and white

I met David several years ago at a Fujifilm seminar. Immediately very friendly, we ended up having a drink with a small group of enthusiasts. I've been following David's work since then on 500px and more. I've always been bluffed by his art, which for me is out of the ordinary and always seemed out of reach for me. I couldn't begin to understand how he did it. I finally did one of his workshops in 2019 to learn. Indoor training on the computer on Saturdays with a small group. Good atmosphere, very good pedagogy step by step and individual attention. Photo outing the next day very instructive also in the field. Since then, I've felt able to imitate him. I even made several black and white architectural renderings that I am proud of and he congratulated me (see attached picture). And even after the workshop, we exchange from time to time on what we publish on social networks and possible technical improvements. So, yes, learning with David Duchens is worth it and it's a unique opportunity in Paris and soon on tour.

Kevin N.

Course Photoshop initiation

It is my husband who offered me for Christmas 1 Photoshop Initiation course with David. The course is via Skype with screen sharing (a first for me) which I think is absolutely great! Everyone in front of his PC, sitting quietly without needing to leave room for either one or the other for explanations or lab work.
Photoshop was for me a huge "three-headed monster" impossible to tame. The interface, the millions of useful icons available, the layers, the merge masks, etc., are all very useful. Anyway... Hell... Compared to Lightroom which has a rather simple interface, with which I'm comfortable, for Photoshop I had a real problem. So it was a big challenge for David.
But here it is... David, is quiet, very patient, an excellent teacher like few others. Passionate, he passes on his knowledge with a rare generosity. He takes the time to explain, to guide, again and again, as long as it is necessary, without ever losing patience. He's reassuring.
I was finally able to begin an approach to this software that clearly I had been avoiding until now.
A really exciting class with the teacher.
David is not only a very talented photographer but also a truly outstanding teacher!
In conclusion, if for you... Photoshop is a software which like me before you seems much too complicated to approach, take or make you offer one of its courses "Initiation Photoshop". Really, I...

Aurelie D.

Architecture photo workshop

After several training sessions with David, I decided to do this color workshop in addition to the black and white one, in order to better understand the use of colors in Photoshop.
Always very pedagogical and patient, David is not stingy with advice adapted to each one and even less with his time, during of course but also afterwards to ensure the after-sales service :)
The particularity of this workshop was to go as far as photo printing. So meet us the next day at the Parisgraphie workshop where a team of enthusiasts is waiting for us. After the technical explanations of printing and paper, it's time to get down to business. The result is simply amazing in terms of quality and fidelity, and what a pleasure to leave with a print of one of his photos.
In summary, a very good pedagogy and mastery of photoshop tools, a group with a limited number in order to be able to follow each one, a well equipped place adapted to the training. The little extra, the group outing allows you to deepen your knowledge of urban photography and of course to share a moment of conviviality.
See you soon for a new course or a good restaurant!

Michel K.

Workshop architecture in black and white

In addition to internships already done with David, I participated in the last architecture workshop in N.B. Talented photographer and expert in image retouching, David gives us his know-how with pedagogy and enthusiasm. Nothing is left to chance, no unanswered questions, the implementation of its process is done step by step with method and precision. We are beyond a simple technical course based on a few manipulations. We enter into a real artistic process that leads us, with a little time and experience, to transform our images in a dazzling way! David communicates his passion to us in a friendly atmosphere. Not stingy with his time, he will take you to the most coveted spots of the capital. In short, if you like his style, you will be delighted by his classes and delighted to have made a beautiful meeting. Thank you again David and see you soon!

Patrick L.

Photo composition course

Very attracted by architectural photography but totally new in this field, I chose to do the "composition" internship proposed by David by asking him for a photo session on the site of La Défense in Paris. 3 hours (and much more...) to walk around the place and discover the art of composition and the power of lines. David is there to accompany us and to dispense his skills with passion, patience and pedagogy, making us discover mythical spots as well as less known places equally photographic. The key elements of this particular art of architectural photography are reviewed and explained simply and effectively. At the end of the course we are able to make (already) some surprising and very flattering pictures!
Thank you David for these enriching moments and your natural empathy which is undoubtedly your second specificity after your qualities as a photographer and Photoshop magician! See you soon for sure! It was a great moment.

Patrick L.


I met David through a friend. We took a photo class at the DOD all afternoon. That was so cool!!!
Thank you David for all the good advice. I was very proud of my photos!
I just took a 3 times 3 hours course on photoshop with David. The formula course by skype is a very good idea. Everyone is comfortably seated at home and screen sharing allows you to follow what the other is doing. I recommend these courses. David was able to adapt to my level and I learned a lot.
Thanks to you David ! I won't hesitate to call on you in the future.

Elizabeth K.

Workshop architecture in black and white

I have just participated in David Duchens' black and white workshop and I must say that I came back dazzled. Several reasons: perfect welcome with coffee, pastries, tables, big screen, unlimited drinks (water, coffee, juice) and even pencil and paper, very interested and nice participants. David very professional and very nice, the manners explained several times in different ways so that everyone understands whatever his level it's very professional but also very friendly and very attentive, his workshop is not limited to these few hours, if you "catch" he's there to answer
Thank you David, you just have to practice now.

Christine G.

Course Photoshop techniques photomontage

This is my second course with David, I started with the black and white course, very instructive, I recommend it.
With this photomontage course I broadened my knowledge, incredible what I could learn in three hours.
I have been using photoshop for 5 years now, but I am still improving my knowledge.
Thank you, David, for your kindness, your advice, and your patience.
Let's get back to class real quick.

Laurent T.

Photoshop black & white architecture course

I will make it simple: an extremely educational course where David takes us step by step towards the realization of an archi image in black and white by sharing his recipes and tips without ever getting lost in too complicated techniques and adapting to our level.
The course on skype is very interactive, with an alternation between observation and realization so that you never get lost
. Moreover, David is very nice and from the first contact at the end of the course (and even more) he is a very pleasant conversation companion.

Guilhem D.

Night photo class

In addition to the Paris walk and photo course, we have also chosen the night photo course. What can I say? Paris is beautiful at night and with David's precious advice, we were able to improve the quality of our photos. 3 hours of the course initially planned have been largely exceeded, David really seeks the satisfaction of these trainees. Thanks to you David for the good times spent in your company, for all your precious advice, your availability, your good mood.
See you soon for a photoshop course

John Paul V.

Photoshop black & white architecture course

David offers a well-developed and structured course with a precise methodology. He is very educational and does not hesitate to explain things several times if necessary. The 3 hours of lessons went by particularly quickly, so interesting is the subject and the teacher!
I highly recommend those who wish to progress in photo retouching to go through David!
Thanks again!

Guillaume A.

Photoshop a la carte course

For a first try of Photoshop courses on the internet, it was a masterstroke.
David is very pedagogical, patient and adapts to the level of the person facing him.
It met my expectations perfectly, guiding me through the meanders of this software.
I can't wait for the June workshop, and the rest, because I can't wait to continue my experience with him.
Thanks a lot David, see you soon!

Bruno M.

Digital blending workshop

If you are wondering how Daniel and David get such renders on their photos, then this workshop is to be followed without any hesitation.

This workshop takes place in a very pleasant and warm setting.
Daniel and David give all the techniques and tips to make beautiful pictures; from the shooting to the post-processing.
All participants are accompanied, regardless of their level.

For this workshop, there was a very friendly and motivated team of participants with a lot of exchanges.

Conclusion for the next date of this workshop, don't hesitate to book, you won't regret it, and you won't do your shots in the same way anymore.

Muriel A.

Photoshop black & white architecture course

Quite frankly, a worthy training and trainer. I hadn't used Photoshop for almost five years and David is a wonderful guide throughout his training and reveals his secrets as an artist. Because photography is art! Bravo and thank you for the training. In connection, very modestly, my first achievement, following David's training

Bernard M.

Technical course photo

We wanted, together with my wife, to start the photo together so that we could then progress together. Thanks to this course, we learned good basics, which David took the time to explain to us and to make us put into practice, and this in a great conviviality and pedagogy! Thank you!

Guillaume G.

Photo private course

An excellent quality course with clear and precise explanations. I advise it in private lessons to any beginner in difficulty or who wants to improve.
(Received the summary of the course in addition, quite nice)
Nice to have this particular course. Thank you, Mr. Duchens.

José D.C.

Photoshop course Creative Effects

I just took this course from David yesterday and I am so happy that I did not wait too long for it. First of all, he was very easy to communicate, accommodating when I asked him to give me a lesson this weekend on s a short notice and he totally agreed without hesitation. I was already impressed with his work so my expectations were high. Let me tell you that he exceeded my expectations! He is very thorough and very well prepared for the class. I loved his teaching method. First, he would demonstrate a technique and then he would let me practice and hold your hand via zoom session which is way better than me watching him do his magic and forget a few hours afterwards. He also gave me the recording to watch it later on so I am going to be working on a series while referring back to the recording every now and then. He was apprehensive about speaking in English but he had nothing to worry about. I understood everything he said. I will be taking more sessions with him in next few months!! His passion to share his knowledge is inspiring to me. If you want to take your photography to next level, you should definitely consult him for a session or two.

Padma I.

Photoshop course Creative Effects

Third different training with David, and once again I am conquered by his generosity and his desire to share his knowledge. This training on creative effects is great because it opens the doors to the many possibilities of Photoshop. What is also great with David is not because the training is over that it stops, he still takes his time afterwards to follow you and answer your questions. I can only give you a piece of advice, if you want to progress it's time to book a training with him. See you soon.

Mitch Z.

Photoshop course Portrait Editing

I took this course via ZOOM. A real plus I find. I learned some very useful new features of Photoshop for retouching. I now save precious time thanks to the very wise advice of David, a professional and passionate trainer. It is also possible to contact David if you get stuck on a detail of the course, he answers all questions with immense patience. Thanks again to David, and don't hesitate to try him out, you'll adopt him! I'm already going to book the next course....

Séverine T.

Black & white architecture workshop Lyon

A very attentive and available trainer, the training at the Top.
For my part, because it allowed me to set up a working methodology and also to learn to better know the tools already available.
Which in the end, allows me to gain in productivity, and to remove "brakes" on the tools and develop my ideas. I can only recommend this training.

Nicolas S.

Photoshop course sublimate nature

I just finished the course Sublimate nature, and I really enjoyed it.
Knowing David already for having done one of his internships in Paris, and the patience that characterizes him, I knew that he would listen to me, which was perfectly the case!
He was able to guide me throughout the course, thanks to a video screen sharing, to make me progress throughout the course, by making me realize after him the exercises shown and explained.
A course which really tackles very interesting techniques in post-processing of landscapes on Photoshop. An approach which seemed to me very creative and artistic, adaptable to many other photographic subjects.
I recommend without moderation this course really very enriching, conducted with brilliance, competence, pedagogy ... And patience .... Thanks to you David .

Danielle Z.

Photoshop course Creative Effects

Following trainings and courses with David is a guarantee to do well afterwards, a true passionate person who doesn't count the hours to transmit, share and develop knowledge and skills, each minute spent listening and following David's advice are real treasures, a richness to be applied immediately. I am looking forward to the next Workshop in Paris, I look forward to the new date. A thousand thanks David for everything and especially for your pedagogy and patience. To be recommended and to be consumed without moderation

Lea B.

Black and White Photoshop Architecture Course

Super distance training, individualized, of more than 3 hours, David is a very good trainer, very pedagogical and attentive to the trainees. He gives a multitude of advice: tips, shortcuts ... very useful for the use of Photoshop in general. The materials that accompany this training, PDF file and video recording of the session, are of high quality and extremely useful to implement the various topics covered. In short, this is a top-notch training course that I recommend if you are interested in black and white architecture! Thank you David

René R.

Photoshop course sublimate nature

A pedagogical training, in which David teaches us how to sublimate a landscape with PS tools.
David is a seasoned trainer, an excellent pedagogue who does not hesitate to share all his experience.
The individual online course is like a real coaching, putting the learning of the different tools used during the session within everyone's reach. The live exchanges during the course allow an easy assimilation of PS with as a bonus, the video of our personalized training to train and not forget anything.
I encourage everyone who has passed the beginner level, to follow this advanced training of PS.
A big thank you David for your availability and see you soon for the next training.

Françoise T.

Photoshop course Creative Effects

This morning I did a zoom course with David. To say it was an amazing experience is an understatement. He is a total Wizard and should be thought of as that. I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. I learned so many new techniques, I didn't even know existed. I really appreciate David's teaching style. Because of the pandemic, I've taken advantage of the isolation and have done many zoom courses. This course is by far the best, the most successful, because David demonstrates a section of the course, then we switch and I practice what he just taught me and correct me as I go along and this goes back and forth until the end of the course; and he includes a few tidbits that are not part of the lessons. In the past courses I've done, no one has provided hands on practice while on zoom; I would promptly forget everything I just saw. David also provides a recording of the entire course to refer back to. All in all, if you are sitting on the fence as to whether you should take his course, any of his courses, I highly recommend you do not wait. His schedule is very full, but he works very hard to accommodate you. One of the things I really enjoyed was just listening to his voice. He has a beautiful, very understandable Parisian accent.

I am very much looking forward to the next course I will be doing with David.

Simone K.

Workshop architecture in black and white

The course on black and white architecture by David Duchens, allowed me to deepen my knowledge on Photoshop, David is very pleasant, and adapts to all levels of mastery of Photoshop, for my part, I am starting on this powerful and complex software, the method of David, who is an expert on the subject, both in shooting, development, and creative retouching, allows me to explore other visions of the photos we take.
I learnt a lot in one day, it's more pleasant to talk in real life than in virtual, it's also good to talk with other photographers.
Now, it's necessary to practice to assimilate all the techniques, but David provides us with course materials, to reproduce the techniques, and allows, if needed, a virtual assistance with zoom.
David's service +.

Great day, enriching, meetings with professional photographers, the batteries are recharged for creativity and motivation.

Don't hesitate, whether you are an amateur or a professional, David will teach you a lot.

Laurent L.G.

Workshop architecture in black and white

If you are looking for an efficient and user-friendly black and white architectural photography workshop, look no further: this is the one! David accompanies each of his trainees with kindness and professionalism. He takes the time to guide us, to advise us but also to correct us whenever necessary and always with the same patience and generosity. He also accompanies us in after-sales service when we get stuck on a point of the workshop so that nobody stays "on the side of the road". David is a passionate photographer and a great teacher. A big THANK YOU to you :)

Laetitia L.

Private tuition black & white architecture

Fresh out of this formation, I'm on a cloud nine. The day went beyond my expectations. David is very generous, passionate, talented, I can only highly recommend this private tutoring course. David does not hesitate to answer any question, from the basics of Photoshop to printing. In short, I feel like I have spent a week in training.
A pdf with all the techniques in order is provided, allowing you to resume the course calmly. Just need now to practice as for any learning. But I know that David provides an exceptional after-sales service behind.
Go ahead, don't hesitate! Go for it!
Again a huge thank you David. See you soon for another workshop, I'm contaminated!

Bruno M.

Technical workshop for creative images

I had the chance to participate in the workshop "Techniques for creative images" where I could learn a lot. This workshop opens up new perspectives in image processing, and in creating images (of a world that you want to be either real or imaginary). If you consider yourself as a not very creative person, this workshop will open new doors for you because you will be able to become creative, and this mental limit that we sometimes put on ourselves will jump like magic. The different topics we worked on can be applied to many possibilities. What you thought was insurmountable, will seem easier. The pictures you usually admire in others will be within your reach.

In addition to being passionate about his work, David is a very good trainer. He is very pedagogical. He explains well, and can re-explain if you don't understand. He is also very friendly, and the day passes in a joyful and good mood.

You come out of this workshop with lots of ideas, and you see the world, and the photos you take and can take, in a new way. It's the trigger that unlocks the access to the imagination.

Thank you David!

Saloua O.

Creative bundle

David is an amazing instructor, totally different approach he makes sure student understands every process, tip and trick. He makes you do the work after he explains and then he monitors and corrects and shares more details to help

He shared with me amazing tips which i did not know about. He gave me extra time to share what he knows above and beyond the time mentioned in the course. after every session i felt so excited to practice and i shared with him my results and he was generous enough to share his feedback and show me examples.

I would 200% recommend this bundle as it gives you new information in each session.

Thanks David.

Kaltham A.

Photoshop black & white architecture course

What can I say about a course where you feel privileged to be taken completely by an expert and a professional! Happiness, the course is complete and full of information, the methodology is just perfect, theory and practice as if the face to face is real, very clear and easy to remember explanations, with the patience of a passionate and pedagogue.
Bravo David, and especially thank you for your sharing of knowledge and your generosity, it was perfect

Lea B.

Photoshop course portrait between photo and painting

Even if we expect less from David on the portrait, we find all his rigor recognized in the architecture: the 3 hours are spent quickly and are well used. The steps are progressive and several techniques are approached from clipping, to the replacement of the background and the application of texture as well as different effects to give this final pictorial rendering to the image. And as usual, for those who know David, he is not stingy with good advice and little bonuses. Having an intermediate level in Photoshop, I still discovered a lot of tips given by David throughout the session. At the end, we receive a video of the course, which allows us to quietly review the different steps of retouching ... The course is a very good basis to be able to deepen his technique and style between photography and painting :)

Pierre N.

Photoshop course portrait between photo and painting

Super distance learning, individualized, more than 3 hours, David is a very good trainer, very pedagogical and listening to the trainees. He gives a lot of advice: tips, shortcuts... very useful for the use of Photoshop in general. The supports that accompany this training, file and video recording of the session, are of high quality and extremely useful to apply the different themes discussed. In short, a top-notch course that I recommend if you are interested in the photo-painting theme, just make sure that hardware acceleration (OpenCL or OpenGL) is supported by your graphics card and recognised by Photoshop! Thanks David!

René R.

Course Photoshop techniques photomontage

This is exactly what I needed.
I had a fear every time I wanted to crop a sky, an object or vegetation, but after today's course, my fear of messing up is gone!
Thank you David for recommending this course, I didn't know what was the best tool to have a perfect crop, finally there are several depending on the situation and the need.
This course is essential for anyone wishing to do artistic and creative photography, it offers multiple tools and methods to achieve this, especially with the clear explanations and concrete examples that David puts in the hands to understand and assimilate each movement and each action, I now feel more skilled and even "smarter"
I really recommend this course without hesitation, it changes your life.
Thank you again and again David, I'm on a cloud.

Lea B.

Photoshop course Creative Effects

I took the Photoshop Creative Effects Course with David and it was excellent. David is a very good teacher. He teaches the topic and then he lets you practice. It is very hands-on so that you get to practice what he just showed you. He is very knowledgeable and patience. We covered a couple of different technique and they are really good to know. David also recorded the session, so that you can refer back to it. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn advance photoshop techniques.

Carmelina C.

Photoshop course Portrait Editing

I met David through the black and white workshop, and seeing his knowledge and mastery of Photoshop, I asked him to elaborate a retouching for a Fineart portrait. As I expected, the result is just WAHOU!!!!
I will be able to set up this type of portrait in the studio and as the workflow elaborated by David is not a simple preset but a real working method on which one remains master of his choices I will be able to adapt it to the desired style. I even dream of proposing future images in competitions....
Thank you David, once again, I have learned a lot.

Jean C.

Photoshop course black and white architecture

Trovo David un grande fotografo e fantastico insegnante di foto ritocco. Visiting his website I wanted to do all the courses and I started with the B/N of architecture. The course was very well structured. David is a very generous teacher in his advice and suggestions. I learned a lot about how not only to learn but also to do. Questo essere presa per mano e guidata passo passo mentre fai per me è stato importantissimo. I have looked at the registrations several times, which I received immediately after the lectures, because they are a source of information. Creating a friendly atmosphere David puts you in charge of your work. Grazia David. Arrivederci.

Giovanna P.

Photoshop course selections

After having followed 2 courses with David, I am starting on photomontage and the different selection techniques. Bluffing, David always listening and patient (I'm not an expert in PS), and available even after the course (an advice if we are blocked, an opinion on the work ...), and what a pleasure to be able to redo endlessly thanks to the video the courses or pieces of courses to practice. I highly recommend it. Thank you David, there is still a lot to learn.

Anne Laure P.

Photoshop course between portrait and painting

Another tailor-made course where David takes the time to explain, to make you work in real time on the new techniques covered. A very attentive trainer who will know how to make you feel at ease very quickly with the photoshop software; I have followed several of his courses, and I can't wait to order another one already. I can only recommend him, you always learn a lot through his training. Thanks again for all your advice David, see you soon

Séverine T.

Photoshop a la carte course

As a passionate photographer with a good mastery of Adobe Photoshop, I have had the opportunity to use David's services on several occasions.
I have been very satisfied with his services each time. He has a very advanced mastery of photo software and he gives his advice in a synthetic, calm and very educational way.

I am based in the Rhône Alpes region and David in Champagne Ardennes. Thanks to his remote working interface, we were able to exchange the content of our screens in a few seconds, talk to each other and work collaboratively on the points we wanted to cover. As an added bonus, David records the exchange and sends it to you. You can watch it at your leisure to "ingest" his advice at your own pace.

I recently called David because I wanted to progress in the use of certain selection tools in Photoshop, in particular by using the Alpha layer in RGB or CMYK environment.
In one hour, David knew how to put himself at my level, he explained me clearly how to proceed and he showed me several techniques allowing me to be more effective in my work of retouching.
He really masters Photoshop on the fingertips and I saved a precious time by asking him for this training. He was fast, efficient and very good value for money.

I recommend it to you!

Eric H.

Online workshop black and white architecture

A very nice duo thanks to whom I was able to learn new features of Lightroom and Photoshop. Beyond that (and it's already a lot :-) ) very friendly atmosphere, benevolent and constructive exchanges, I spent 2 excellent moments. I highly recommend it to architecture fans, but not only... it gave me a lot of ideas for a lot of other subjects.
Thanks David and thanks Olivier :))

Cécile R.

Photoshop course selections

I am a very advanced Photoshop user but I have seen David so some amazing things with selections. So I bought this course and was delighted with all the things he taught me. He is a terrific teacher and what he taught me I am already using in my work. I highly recommend this course and David as a teacher.

Phillip Z.

Online workshop portrait between photo and painting and portrait retouching

I was impatient to follow this training with David to demystify the term Fine Art and finally know how to manage portraits with this particular style.
David adapts to the level of the participants and answers all the questions that arise during the training and to the particular requests... 2 recorded sessions to resume them quietly afterwards since the files used are transmitted.
I recommend this course for all photographers wishing to improve their portrait retouching skills (with a bonus course on digital make-up).

Caroline F.

Technical photo course

Technical course outside, very good experience, we took back the basics in a very simple way, David is listening to us, good advice and tips, I will be able to use my camera, I am delighted and ready to renew!
Thank you

(read the review on my Google page)

Laetitia P.

Course Photoshop initiation

After searching for months, I stumbled into David on a Facebook Page I follow. Photoshop has been a mystery to me until I took this beginners course. It gave me levels of confidence I had not received from previous attempts at learning the basics. His teachings are always followed up with a recording for quick review and access. Plus integrating Zoom made for this one on one a success.

Joe L.

Online workshop - Unlock your creativity

Recently, I completed David's online workshop, 'Unlock your Creativity," I wanted to learn more about 'selections' in Photoshop and also how David creates enigmatic, cityscape imagery. This was my third workshop with David and I find him to be an excellent teacher. He has mastery over Photoshop, he is well prepared for his classes, he is methodical and clear in his instruction and very receptive to questions. His image reviews are detailed and he respects the creativity of every participant in his class. Also, he is very generous with sharing his knowledge and gives far more than he promises. I look forward to attending another workshop with David in the future and highly recommend him as a teacher for any course in Photoshop. Thanks very much, David.

Rajbir A.

Creative Architecture Online Workshop

Really top this "Creative Architecture" trilogy

Yesterday I was bluffed once again.
When I saw Daniel Cheong starting to make a luminous rectangle (neon effect) and telling us that it was THE most technical part, and then doing copy/paste, I thought to myself... but where is he going to take us?
And when at the end, it gives a cyberpunk image as I lived it by watching Blade Runner, Akira, etc... I saw again the cover of the album "somewhere in time" of Iron Maiden...

In short, a breath of ideas in perspective and in totally different fields: The field of possibilities expands infinitely.

Really, this workshop in three parts is a masterly lesson of what can be done in terms of photographic work by 3 photographers not sparing of advice.

A big thank you to the three of you for your professionalism, your pleasure in sharing your work and your passion.
All of this in a collegial, serious but relaxed atmosphere.
A true complementarity!

I enjoyed it and I really encourage anyone who wants to learn to follow you.

Arnaud O.

Creative Architecture Online Workshop

Regarding this Creative Architecture Online Workshop, I wanted to thank all three of you for your rich sharing.

Daniel has a very imaginative mind and I'm far from being his equal in this vision.

David, I like your focus on your treatments more because they are more accessible to me.

As for Olivier, he is very technical and excels in his very detailed and clear explanations.

Thanks again, and why not see you in a next adventure.

Bernard D.

Online workshop bw & colors in architecture

Photoshop expert, a Photographer with vision, and a skilled educator. This is David. Last weekend I finished a six-hour workshop with David, and it was superb. David presented the material in very concise and easy-to-follow steps. The courses, "Black and White" and "Colors in Architecture, were jammed packed with information and helpful hints. The man is a magician when it comes to photoshop, plus he is a photographer with a creative vision. His attention to detail sets his images apart from others. He patiently teaches his students how to hone in on details and bring their images to the next level. He very kindly shares his expertise with his students, and no questions go unanswered. If you are looking to step up your game, David's courses will surely help you enhance your photography. Carol H

Carol H.

Creative Architecture Workshop Lyon

I took part in the Creative Architecture Workshop in Lyon. The training is very instructive. Throughout the creative process, David demonstrates a clear and precise workflow. We juggle with the various selection tools, layer masks, luminosity masks... We're lost! No problem, David is there to help us. And that's the great strength of this face-to-face training. You can interact with the teacher and the trainees present.
As far as teaching aids are concerned, at the end of the course David sends us a video recording of the key stages of his face-to-face demonstration, enabling us to come back to them in more detail afterwards. Throughout the course, David was always available to share his experience and know-how, without holding back any information. I recommend this course to anyone who has mastered the basics of Ps.

Françoise T.

Photoshop course black and white architecture

I really appreciated David's pedagogy. Tips, easy to reproduce. A video support that allows you to come back at any time on what is said during the course (a lot of information...). I highly recommend it.

Christian D.

Online photo workshop between portrait and painting and portrait retouching

Many thanks again, David, for these two Workshop sessions and this new sharing of knowledge.
I didn't see the time, so much so that the toolbox, as you call it, David, was bursting at the seams with techniques and other tips to improve our photographic workflow.

It was really great and now yapuka!

Arnaud O.

Photoshop course creating a reflection

Having already attended a course on creating reflections at a workshop in Rotterdam with David, I took this course to solve technical problems I was having with my own photos, in more complex scenarios. He asked me to send him my RAWs and created a tailor-made course, answering all my questions! Bravo for his adaptability!

Everything is explained and the process patiently demonstrated. Then it's on to the practical application, which David corrects live.

A distance learning course with all the qualities of a face-to-face course, and even better: the video of the course is recorded, enabling you to review problematic passages as many times as you like until you have mastered the techniques taught.

I highly recommend it!

Claire Laur

Photoshop course black and white architecture

I've already taken a lot of training courses (often American) which were very good, but with David I'm so happy because I've learned so much and I'm going to be able to put my artistic side into practice. What's more, David is very generous with his time, which I really appreciate. All your questions will be answered. And a pdf of the course is sent to you. In conclusion, I highly recommend this training course, which is nothing but positive.

Catherine Godefroy

Photoshop course floral art

What a great learning experience this was! Even if you aren't a floral photography fan you will gain so much from this workshop with David. He'll walk you through you tips and techniques that you can apply to any type of photography, from portraiture to architecture. And, if you love being creative with floral imagery, you will be delighted with this course. David is an inspiring and generous teacher.

Mallory Kates

Photoshop course creating a reflection

My first online one-on-one course with David on "Creating Reflections" was incredible! amazing! fantastic! and every other excited adjective I can think of. I've never had a one-on-one course like this, and it made so much difference to first watch David demonstrate how to do something and then to share my screen with him and have him help me complete the same steps. It wasn't just learning how to create a reflection-it was so much more! He looked at my Photoshop workspace setup and made great suggestions for improvement. He carefully demonstrated and explained as I did the work. He was never too fast with his instructions, and if I asked him to repeat something so that I could understand, he did it without hesitation.

All of the techniques David taught me can be used in many different ways on different images in ways I had never imagined. I'm so excited to put what I learned into practice. And having a video recording of the entire session will give me the tools to review the steps, stop and start when necessary, and make the learning really sink in.

David is an expert educator whom I would recommend without any reservation to all photographers who want to advance their skills, both technically and creatively. Take this course!

Judy Guenther