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  • Rate for 1 person
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • The aim of the course is to learn several techniques to make complex photomontages
  • Requirements: Know the basics of Photoshop
  • Video recording provided

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This course is available in English and French

If you are already a Photoshop user and want to learn techniques that will allow you to go further, this course is for you!

A photomontage generally begins with the selection of one or more elements of an image (cropping). You will learn to master the techniques that will allow you to make very precise selections. Since each image has its own characteristics, you will learn how to use the appropriate tools accordingly.

The following, although not exhaustive, will be discussed:

  • Selection tools (polygonal lasso, feather, color range, etc.)
  • Techniques for refining a selection
  • Alpha layers, for some complex selections such as very fine elements (hair for example)

Since a photomontage is generally the assembly of several elements from different images, the important thing is that the final result is photo-realistic. Indeed, the colorimetry, for example, can be different from one image to another, so the necessary adjustments will have to be made to obtain a balanced result. During the course, you will learn how to balance the different elements.

Finally, various tricks will be explained to you. They will allow you to improve your productivity.

Video recording:
This course is accompanied by a video recording.
It is recorded during the course and includes the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video.
The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.

11 avis pour Cours Photoshop sélection détourage

  1. Serge Noel BRULE (confirmed customer)

    The quality of Photoshop's selection tools is impressive once you've mastered them. They offer a wide variety of options for selecting and isolating specific parts of an image, whether by manual selection, color range, use of masks or edge detection.

    Clipping is also very precise, allowing complex elements to be separated from backgrounds with great accuracy. This feature is extremely useful for photo montages, integrating elements into a new scene or even simply creating attractive visual effects.

    David uses and teaches all its selection and clipping functions to achieve impeccable results, guaranteeing high quality and total mastery of their visual compositions. It's an essential tool for any artist or designer wishing to carry out professional and creative image retouching. Its use is therefore essential.

  2. Phillip Ziegler (confirmed customer)

    I am a very advanced Photoshop user but I have seen David so some amazing things with selections. So I bought this course and was delighted with all the things he taught me. He is a terrific teacher and what he taught me I am already using in my work. I highly recommend this course and David as a teacher.

  3. Anne Laure PELARDT (confirmed customer)

    After having followed 2 courses with David, I am starting on photomontage and the different selection techniques. Bluffing, David always listening and patient (I'm not an expert in PS), and available even after the course (an advice if we are blocked, an opinion on the work ...), and what a pleasure to be able to redo endlessly thanks to the video the courses or pieces of courses to practice. I highly recommend it. Thank you David, there is still a lot to learn.

  4. Léa BADRAH (confirmed customer)

    This is just what I needed.
    I used to have a fear every time I wanted to crop a sky, an object or vegetation, but after today's course, my fear of messing up is gone!
    Thank you David for recommending this course to me, I didn't know what was the best tool to get a perfect clipping, finally there are several depending on the situation and the need.
    This course is essential for anyone wishing to do artistic and creative photography, it offers multiple tools and methods to achieve this, especially with the clear explanations and concrete examples that David puts in the hands to understand and assimilate each movement and each action, I now feel more skilled and even "smarter".

    I really recommend this course without hesitation, it changes your life.

    Thank you again and again David, I am on cloud nine

  5. Laetitia LORMIER (confirmed customer)

    This is my second course with David on Photoshop and I do not regret it. Clipping is a very basic element, but it's essential to make a success of your photomontages and it can leave us confused when faced with the multitude of tools offered by Photoshop.

    In terms of form, David carries out an exercise to show the interest of the tool, the learner then carries out the exercise to be sure of understanding the manipulation with the help if necessary of the "chief" and icing on the cake, after the course we receive the videos of each method used.

    The clipping tools depend of course on the situation and David proposes through this course different and complementary exercises which allowed me to overcome a level in this field. I thank him greatly and recommend this course to anyone who is demanding and wants to progress in this field.

  6. Mitch Zoller (confirmed customer)

    After taking the black and white architecture course with David, I was directly conquered by his generosity and his desire to share his knowledge, I had only one idea in mind to follow the technical training of photomontage and as the first time I was not disappointed but the opposite. Training with David allows you to progress by leaps and bounds. What is also great with David is not because the training is over that it stops, he still takes his time afterwards to follow you and answer your questions. I can only give you a piece of advice, if you want to progress it's time to book a training with him. See you soon.

  7. Philippe CLEMENT (confirmed customer)

    David was able to set up a personalized support and pedagogy that allowed me to progress rapidly towards my goal. The tools used make it easy to work together, sharing a screen. In short, a very pleasant session, relaxed but serious as I appreciate it. Thanks again David!

  8. michkaphotos (confirmed customer)

    My second course photoshop with David and again very satisfied, the contract is filled with an extensive overview of the techniques of hijacking. In addition to the teacher's pedagogy and kindness (as well as his talent as a photographer) the formula of the course by Skype is a real plus compared to other offers on the market, the course is necessarily interactive and can be personalized.

  9. loloapplegeek (confirmed customer)

    This course is my second with David, I started with the black and white course, very informative, I recommend it by the way.
    With this photomontage course I expanded my knowledge, amazing what I was able to learn in three hours.
    Yet user of photoshop for 5 years, I still enrich my knowledge .
    Thank you David for your kindness, your advice, and your patience.
    We're getting a new course very quickly.

  10. pledenmat (confirmed customer)

    Photoshop user for many years, the problem of hijacking has remained for me a problem in its own right, despite the many tutorials carried out on the subject. If you're demanding the results, you quickly realize that it's a real headache... After a first course on the No. B with David, I quickly realized that precise diversions were required to obtain quality images. So I chose to take the Photomontage course. After 3 hours of an extremely rich course, the results are stunning! Diverting twigs, foliage or fine details on buildings, anything has become possible! Some of the (many) methods used by David were totally unknown to me, nowhere found on the Net and of formidable efficiency!
    All this not to mention the friendly moment spent in his company. His qualities as a teacher, his competence, his kindness, his generosity are no longer to be proven!
    Thank you very much David for this quality contribution that you dispense without counting and see you soon

  11. cd.fragrancecollection (confirmed customer)

    Thank you David for your very valuable help.
    Great course that takes me forward with great steps

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