Photo composition course

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  • TTC rate per person
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 4 (minimum: 2)
  • Location: The course takes place outdoors in Paris intramural.
    The exact address is communicated to participants at least 48 hours before the reserved date
  • The aim of the course: to acquire the basics of composition in photography
  • Requirements: know the technical basics (master your camera)

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This course will allow you to discover the rules of composition in photography.

A good knowledge of the rules of composition will serve as the basis for you, to obtain balanced and harmonious images. Also, once these rules are acquired, different choices will be available to you, and will allow you to adapt your composition, depending on the message you want to convey. Reading an image with the same subject may indeed be different, depending on how it was composed. The rules of composition allow to guide the viewer in the image, and thus retain his attention.

In the second part of this course, you will discover how to free yourself from the rules of composition, or more precisely how to get around some of them. Indeed, sometimes it is enough to simply move an element in a composition to create an interesting image.

Finally, we will give you advice on architectural photography, a field that requires a great deal of compositional rigour.

The content of the course:

Composition rules (third-party rule, perspective, scale, form, etc.)
Lines (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.)
Contrasts (color, position, etc.)
Black and white and composition (specificities)
Breaking the rules

For information:

  • One of our images of Paris, taken on photo paper in 10x15cm format, will be offered to you at the end of the course, with a little personalized thank you on the back.

Loan equipment:

If you do not have the type of equipment required for this course, or if you simply wish to discover photography and you do not have a camera, we can lend you one during the course, within the limits of our availability. For more information, please go to the FAQ page (frequently asked questions, tab "loan material during the photo course").

This course is also available
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2 reviews for Photo Composition Course

  1. gwenhcaradec (confirmed customer)

    Great time with David. I am no longer a beginner, but this course has allowed me to test my knowledge and learn new shooting techniques that I would never have dared to do before
    It seems that a tutorial is in preparation!
    Thank you again!

  2. pledenmat (confirmed customer)

    Very attracted by the photo of architecture but totally new to this field, I chose to do the internship "composition" proposed by David by asking him a photo shoot on the site of La Défense in Paris. 3 hours (and much more...) to explore the premises and discover the art of composition and the power of the lines. David is there to accompany us and deliver his skills with passion, patience and pedagogy, making us discover both mythical spots and lesser known places just as photographic. The key elements of this particular art that is architectural photography are reviewed and explained simply and effectively. At the end of the course we are able to make (already) surprising and very flattering shots!
    Thank you David for these enriching moments and your natural empathy which is undoubtedly your second specificity after your qualities as a photographer and magician Photoshop! See you very soon for sure! It was a great moment

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