Photoshop course Portrait Editing

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  • Tariff in euros for 1 person,all taxes included
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • Prerequisite: knowledge of Photoshop basics

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This course is available in English and French

It will allow you to learn portrait retouching techniques.

It is aimed at Photoshop users who already have a basic knowledge of the software (mastering in particular the use of layers and blending masks, dynamic objects, the notions of selection and clipping). If you don't master all these points, we can review some of them during the course. Do not hesitate to contact me for a preliminary review.

After a presentation of beauty retouching and its specificities, the following points will be studied:

  • Commonly used correction tools in portrait retouching
  • skin softening (2 techniques with a different approach will be presented)
  • Work on colorimetry (skin colour)
  • Underline the look
  • digital make-up
  • Use of the fluidity filter
  • Trimming of the subject with the alpha layer technique
  • Improved routing
  • Tips and tricks will be presented to you during the course.

Working files :
Images will be provided just before the course starts (sent by WeTransfer).
If you wish to work with your own images, you can let me know beforehand. Provided that these correspond to the standards required for the technical needs of the course, we will be able to use them during the course.

3 reviews for Photoshop portrait retouching course

  1. JEAN COUBARD (confirmed customer)

    I knew David through the black and white workshop, and seeing his knowledge and mastery of Photoshop, I asked him to develop a retouching for Fineart portrait. As I expected, the result is just WAHOU!!!!
    I will be able to put this type of portrait in place in the studio and as the workflow elaborated by David is not a simple preset but a real working method on which one remains master of its choices I will be able to adapt it to the desired style. I even dream to propose the future images in contest....
    Thank you David, once again, I learned a lot.

  2. Severine TROLLET (confirmed customer)

    I took this course via ZOOM. A real plus I find. I learned some very useful new photoshop functions for retouching. I now save precious time thanks to the very wise advice of David, a professional and passionate trainer. It is also possible to contact David if you get stuck on a detail of the course, he answers all questions with immense patience. Thanks again to David, and don't hesitate to try him out, you'll adopt him! I'm already going to book the next course....

  3. Philippe CLEMENT (confirmed customer)

    This course allowed me not only to review all the basics necessary for a good use of photoshop, but also to discover or master some tools essential to my practice. Many thanks to David for his patience and the quality of his teaching.

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