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(3 videos and all exercise files available for download)

This tutorial is presented in French only

  • Rate for 1 person
  • Requirements: Know the basics of Photoshop
  • Video recordings of the 3 sessions provided

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This video tutorial is the complete replay of an online workshop, presented in October 2022, in collaboration with Olivier Rocq, Daniel Cheong, and myself.
It includes the videos (8 hours of recordings) as well as the exercise files of the 3 speakers. The total file size is about 7 GB (2.1 GB for the 3 videos and 4.8 GB for the work files).
You will receive the download links generally a few minutes after your payment (PayPal or credit card), or upon receipt of the amount in case of bank transfer.

This is a new workshop that we are proposing here. Indeed, after several collaborations with Daniel and Olivier, we decided this time to gather all 3 of us to offer you this unique workshop!

The philosophy of my workshops, and which is in perfect adequacy with the state of mind which guides all 3 of us, is to always propose a maximum of content. It is a total of about 8 hours of training that we offer with this workshop! The 3 sessions will be recorded live, and provided. So you can come back to the course at your own pace.

The main thread of this workshop is creative architecture.

The idea is to take you between technical and creative vision, in different universes, in order to present you a wide range of tools, and some ideas for your future creations. Note that the many techniques you will learn here (such as the advanced use of blending masks, selections, colorimetry, etc.) can be used to work on your own images in general.

You will benefit from the experience of 3 experienced trainers. We no longer need to introduce Olivier, whose trainings are highly acclaimed, and Daniel, whose images have been shown around the world. As for me, architecture is in my DNA, and I have explored many paths in this field.

You can look at the workshops page to see the ones we have already presented, as well as the reviews left by our trainees.


Workshop content:

Urban landscapes at blue hour by Olivier Rocq

The blue hour is a short window of time (on average from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the season and latitude) during which the sky takes on this particular bluish color which allows us to take very interesting cityscape type photos because the artificial lighting of predominantly yellow-orange colors counterbalances the blue of the sky (complementary colors on the color wheel).

In this workshop you will learn:

  • some tips on how to shoot this type of photos in terms of timing, white balance management and managing the multiple exposures required...
  • how to manage moving elements in your long exposures
  • to prepare your RAW files as well as possible before going into Photoshop in order to guarantee the best image quality during the entire workflow
  • to manually merge different exposures in order to get the best highlights from your photos
  • to correct the outlook and straighten out the buildings even in difficult cases
  • to uniform your skies and reflections with the help of frequency separation using the solarization curve to check the presence of possible defects in the image
  • to choose the complementary colorimetry best suited to your preferences by learning to read the color information in Lab (e.g. choose a pure blue, a more cyan or magenta blue...)
  • to apply and test the optimal sharpness for an output to the web (website, social networks...)

We will work on 2 photos from the raw file to the final result (the working files will be sent to you at the end of the workshop so that you can test by yourself).


Creative effects by David Duchens

I have always enjoyed experimenting with techniques to give my images a personal touch. For many years, and until today, I have been interested in creative techniques.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to image retouching and adding creative effects, so everyone will find their own way and style. Learning the different techniques and mastering these tools will allow you to reach your goal more easily, and more quickly with practice.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Presentation of this image style: I will explain in a few words my creative approach.
  • Preparing selections: You will learn how to select different areas of an image, in order to prepare the following steps. Several techniques will be covered. Mastering selections is essential in the use of Photoshop.
  • Creating the general atmosphere: in this step, you will learn how to modify the atmosphere of an image. Whether it is by playing on the contrasts, the quantity of light, or the colorimetry, the different possibilities will be explained. They will allow you to create your own moods in your images.
    You will also learn how to place colors or modify tints, by using several adjustment tools, and by modifying the blending modes on the layers. Also, a mood can be created by working on vignetting. Several techniques will be covered.
  • Directional blur: While the application of this type of filter is relatively simple to implement on an entire image, you will study techniques for placing them in a localized manner on an architectural image. In order to give even more impact to the image, you will learn how to duplicate the effect, by dosing the gradients, and by playing with the blending modes of the layers in particular.
  • Sky replacement and creation : I have always paid special attention to my skies. They greatly contribute to the creative aspect of an image. The sky replacement tool in Photoshop will be presented, the idea here being rather to create one's own skies, and thus to study the technique. Several approaches will be discussed. A trick will be explained in relation to reflections, as these tools do not yet handle them very well.
  • Finalizing the image: transforming an image often requires adjustments at the end of the process. I will present here some tips.
  • Filters: this workshop will be the occasion to discuss some filters from the DXO Nik Collection, as well as Luminar AI.


Futuristic atmospheres by Daniel Cheong

You will be taken here in the cyberpunk universe. It is a cinematographic genre that illustrates a rather dark and dystopian future. The reference film is Blade Runner.
Daniel is very successful with this style of images, which he started to create recently.

As he likes to say, and I quote, "the direct output of the box is not a concept with which I am familiar. I don't pretend to show reality, but an idealized version of it".
And even in this dark universe, he indeed likes to create his own atmospheres, and give a very personal touch.

This course will allow you to cover many technical points, and to learn how to create images with a unique style.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Clipping of the different elements composing the scene. This work will be done mainly with geometric selection tools, such as the polygonal lasso.
  • Adding the different elements and adjusting the perspectives. This last point is very important, and will allow you to learn how to work the perspectives.
  • Added giant screens with neon frames (you will learn here how to use layer styles).
  • Adding light atmospheres, which will contribute to give this style of images a very special atmosphere.
  • Harmonization of the exposure and colors. This style of image being composed of many elements, it is essential to give them a coherence at the level of the colorimetry.
  • Add special effects (fog, smoke, lens flare, futuristic screens) with the BorisFX Optics plugin. This software is a reference in the creation of special effects.

All this work will be done on an image that Daniel will process live.


Questions / Answers :
During the different stages of the 3 workshops, questions may be asked.
Also, 30 minutes will be dedicated at the end of each session for a question and answer session.

Course of the workshop:
This workshop will be held online (via the Internet), and live. The ZOOM video conferencing application will be used. The connection is established in a few clicks. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to Zoom to participate in the workshop. An invitation link will be sent to you by e-mail before each session. You will then simply be asked to download the application, in order to get the user interface. It is very easy to learn. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Video recording:
This workshop is accompanied by a video for each session.
It is recorded live during the workshop.
The video will be sent to you in MP4 format, via WeTransfer, after each session.

Work Files:
The mage files used during the 3 sessions will be sent along with the videos.

Adobe Photoshop software will be used for all 3 courses.
Note, if needed, that a free 7-day trial version (Photoshop) is available on the Adobe website.

For David's class, Nik Collection by DXO and Luminar AI will be used to introduce some filters.

For Daniel's course, in addition to Photoshop, he will use a software specialized in the creation of special effects, BORIS FX.
A trial version is available on the editor's website.
Note: this software is in English. However, it is very intuitive, and thus easily usable.

Social networks :
You can discover Olivier Rocq's work on his website:

his Facebook page :
Olivier Rocq Photography

You can discover Daniel Cheong's work on his Facebook page:
Daniel Cheong Photography

His website :

Nota Bene: this workshop is only offered in French.



8 reviews for Creative Architecture Online Workshop (replay)

  1. Bernard DIDRICHE (confirmed customer)

    Regarding this Creative Architecture Online Workshop, I wanted to thank all three of you for your rich sharing.

    Daniel has a very imaginative mind and I'm far from being his equal in this vision.

    David, I like your focus on your treatments more because they are more accessible to me.

    As for Olivier, he is very technical and excels in his very detailed and clear explanations.

    Thanks again, and why not see you in a next adventure

  2. were Renault (confirmed customer)

    Thanks to Olivier, David, Daniel
    Creativity without a doubt!
    Competence and professionalism
    I can only recommend.
    Sessions by videoconference, everything is retransmitted in a row,
    video and files.
    Trilogy unavoidable at the level of architecture, including creative!
    Thank you to all three!

  3. Anne Laure PELARDY (confirmed customer)

    Thanks to Olivier, Daniel and David for taking us three Sundays in a row into their universe and their techniques, each one as different as the other and always with kindness. A fascinating workshop by passionate people that I highly recommend.

  4. JACQUES ARTOLA (confirmed customer)

    Excellent workshop that I recommend. Everything is well explained by competent and serious speakers. Not to be missed.

  5. Severine TROLLET (confirmed customer)

    Three image enthusiasts give us in this workshop their techniques of retouching without detour, in all simplicity and with much generosity. Once again I was delighted by all these discoveries. This collaboration is a real success! I highly recommend this training, this moment of real sharing!
    Thank you again for everything

  6. Arnaud D'OLIVEIRA (confirmed customer)

    Really top this "Creative Architecture" trilogy

    Yesterday I was bluffed once again.
    When I saw Daniel Cheong starting to make a luminous rectangle (neon effect) and telling us that it was THE most technical part, and then doing some copy/paste, I thought to myself... but where is he going to take us?
    And when at the end, it gives a cyberpunk image as I lived it by watching Blade Runner, Akira, etc... I saw again the cover of the album "somewhere in time" of Iron Maiden...

    In short, a breath of ideas in perspective and in totally different fields: The field of possibilities expands infinitely.

    Really, this workshop in three parts is a masterly lesson of what can be done in terms of photographic work by 3 photographers not sparing of advice.

    A big thank you to the three of you for your professionalism, your pleasure in sharing your work and your passion.
    All this in a collegial, serious but relaxed atmosphere.
    A true complementarity!

    I enjoyed it and I really encourage anyone who wants to learn to follow you.

  7. Léa BADRAH (confirmed customer)

    A real success, this collaboration with Daniel and Olivier shows the generosity and professionalism of each speaker, a condensed knowledge and know-how that makes you want to go further.
    Congratulations to all three of you, and especially thank you for your skills and your advice, a workshop that lived up to expectations that I recommend without moderation
    Thank you David, Daniel and Olivier.
    To be continued

  8. Guilhem Doublet (confirmed customer)

    Three photographers, three universes and only one goal: the transmission of knowledge.
    Remarkable workshop in three distinct sessions animated in turn by Olivier, David and Daniel who will distill each in their field their vision, their approach and their techniques the whole with pedagogy and in the good mood and interactivity.
    Transmitting knowledge without taboos is the objective of this workshop.
    Moreover, after each session, we receive the video of the session and the basis of work to be able to practice.
    In the end, an extremely complete workshop that allows you to approach three different creative universes in the spirit of sharing and in a great atmosphere, I highly recommend without moderation

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