Photoshop a la carte course

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Rate for one person
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Course date: to be agreed by phone or email

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This course is available in English and French

With this formula, we define together your needs, in order to adapt the content accordingly. As my expertise lies mainly in the field of image editing and processing, I can offer you a wide range of techniques and tools, which will allow you to work on your photographs with precision.

This course can also be an ideal complement to other Photoshop courses we offer, which require a good prior knowledge.

In order to better define your request and to estimate the necessary time, I suggest you contact me beforehand. In the same way, we will fix the day and the time that will suit you best, and according to our respective availabilities.

Image files will be provided for this course. They will be adapted to the subject you wish to cover.

Video recording:
This course is accompanied by a video recording.
It is recorded during the course and includes the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video.
The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.


11 reviews for Cours Photoshop à la carte

  1. catherine godefroy (confirmed customer)

    I take regular lessons with David and of course I'm very satisfied.
    this course allows me to work on my own needs so that I can move forward in my learning and make beautiful realizations.
    What's more, David is very generous and gives a lot of useful tips that help me add an emotional impact to each of my images.
    I highly recommend this course.

  2. Karim Najjar (confirmed customer)

    Photographer David Duchens' Photoshop à la carte courses are excellent!
    He answers all questions and often shows different methods to achieve what you want to do.

    The explanations are very clear and David is very patient when we have to redo in front of him what he has just explained.

    I also had a very interesting demonstration of the LUMINAR software concerning certain functionalities which interest me (change of sky, retouching of portraits) that I found more elaborate than those of Photoshop.

    The lessons are recorded and sent at the end of the session so you can practice on your own.

    Thanks a lot, David!

  3. Eric HOUDARD (confirmed customer)

    Passionate photographer with a good mastery of Adobe Photoshop, I had the opportunity several times to use the services of David.
    Each time, I was very satisfied with his services. He has a very advanced mastery of photo software and he gives his advice in a synthetic, calm and very educational way.

    I am based in the Rhône Alpes region and David in Champagne Ardennes. Thanks to his remote working interface, we were able to exchange the content of our screens in a few seconds, talk to each other and work collaboratively on the points we wanted to cover. The icing on the cake, David records the exchange and sends it to you. You can watch it at your leisure to "ingest" his advice at your own pace!

    I recently called on David because I wanted to improve my use of some of Photoshop's selection tools, particularly in using the Alpha layer in RGB or CMYK environments.
    In one hour, David was able to put himself at my level, he explained me clearly how to proceed and he showed me several techniques allowing me to be more efficient in my retouching work.
    He really knows Photoshop inside out and I saved a lot of time by asking him for this training. He was fast, efficient and of an exemplary quality-price ratio.

    I recommend it to you!

    Eric H.

  4. lazaro order (confirmed customer)

    Just perfect... A need with a very precise objective of the NB rendering that I was looking for, teaching with a good pedagogy, live practice and I finished the course with a good understanding and the right tools to work with. I learned much faster than in a book! Thank you very much David for your generosity...

  5. Françoise MARSAUX33 (confirmed customer)

    I met David from a photography class at the DOD. I discovered the art of composition in architecture.
    David is an excellent photographer, very competent. I took advantage of a second course at the end of the year on the banks of the Seine at sunset and blue time - it's beautiful! in addition to David's precious advice.
    Not knowing photoshop, I took the plunge and it was not won. David is a very good teacher, he is very patient and calm. He doesn't hesitate to redo and re-explain 2 or 3 times, and more if necessary, he doesn't count his time.
    These courses were given on zoom with screen sharing, with the possibility for David to take over the computer if necessary.
    A big thank you to you David, for your availability, your patience, and your generosity.
    and see you soon for future courses. I highly recommend David.

  6. Bernard Masson (confirmed customer)

    After a first training "Black and White Architecture" that I warmly recommend. David gave me a training adapted to high quality portrait retouching! David knows a lot and not only about architecture, which he manages with a master's hand. Without the slightest hesitation, I recommend him! Thank you David

  7. tartarin.laurent (confirmed customer)

    Second class with David, this time following one of his pictures, I wanted to learn the technique he used. Once again great course all this from a distance, and I live in Australia.
    Also David always offers a few extra tips and tricks.

    Delighted once again.

    Thank you friend

  8. bruno.memeint (confirmed customer)

    For a first attempt at Photoshop courses via the internet, it was a masterstroke.
    David is very pedagogical, patient and adapts to the level of the person facing him.
    He answered perfectly to my expectations, guiding me through the meanders of this software.
    I am looking forward to the June workshop, and the rest, because I can't wait to continue my experience with him.
    Thanks a lot David, see you soon!

  9. nbrechenmacher (confirmed customer)

    I needed to perfect the diversion; David allowed me to experiment with a lot of technique and accompanied me on several exercises of my photo library. Very patient, very pedagogical, very available. It's just happiness. Thank you!

  10. Bechir (confirmed customer)

    Excellence! Quite simply.
    Everything is beautifully and simply explained. I've learned so much from David's heart.
    Great pedagogical abilities and a very good follow-up after the course, which allows me to answer a lot of questions that we can ask ourselves on the photo nb and the subtleties of Photoshop.
    I can only recommend David's classes.
    Thank you for everything.

  11. michel fire (confirmed customer)

    The best course possible.
    David met my needs on Photoshop.
    Many thanks.

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