Photoshop course black and white architecture

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  • Rate for 1 person
  • Length of course: 3 hours
  • Requirements: Know the basics of Photoshop
  • Video recording provided

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This course is available in English and French

Before giving a precise description of it, I would like to point out that this course is certainly one of the flagship products among those proposed here. I have indeed specialized in this particular black & white technique for several years now. I apply my own methods to make these monochrome images with a particular rendering and an interesting visual impact.

One point needs to be made here: all images are the result of daytime shooting. In the same way, no basic image results from long exposure (so yarn effects are added during the image creation process).

This course will allow you to learn how to make images in the style you can see in the portfolio (black & white architecture section). You can also click on the thumbnails illustrating this course to enlarge them.

Here we will discuss techniques that go far beyond simple black & white conversion. This style of image requires a lot of work on light and shadows. On the one hand, it will call for numerous manipulations on the layers, and on the other hand, an artistic approach. It will be a question of finding the right balance of contrasts, and a certain realism in the coherence of the play of light.

This course is intended for Photoshop users who already have a basic knowledge of the software (mastering in particular the use of layers and blend masks, the notions of selection and trimming, the use of the various selection tools, dynamic objects, etc.). If you do not fully master all the points, we can review some of them during the course. Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an update on this subject.


Course sequence and content:

  • Presentation of this image style: I will explain in a few words our technical and creative approach to these monochrome images.
  • Shooting conditions: I will give you advice on how to get the best images for initial retouching, starting in the best conditions.
  • Developing the file in Camera R aw: the raw file, commonly called "raw", being the most complete, since it is not processed by definition, it is from it that we will make the basic settings. Also, we will indicate here some preferences settings of the interface, concerning the opening of files in general in Photoshop.
  • Opening the image in Photoshop: at this stage, some additional adjustments will be made to the image.
  • Interface settings: Here too we will make some interface settings. These will be useful in a general way, but especially for working on the type of image that interests us here. I will explain in particular the techniques of image straightening, often very useful in architectural photography.
  • The necessary tools: we will review the main tools we will use for creation (in particular: selection tools, blend masks, adjustment layers, dynamic objects and filters). There are many possibilities and choices in using Photoshop, but here I will suggest some simple and effective choices.
  • Converting the image to black & white: I will show you two methods here, as well as the necessary settings.
  • Preparation of the selections: it is from this step that the creative process will start. Here you will learn how to make your choices, selecting different areas of the image, and thus prepare it for the next steps.
  • Creation of light plays: you will learn the different techniques that will allow you to create the light plays related to this style of images.
  • Replacing the sky: if it is present in the composition (which is almost always the case), you will learn how to replace it, and give it different effects (spun, etc.).
  • Creation of the general atmosphere: at this stage, several techniques will be explained to you, in order to create the final atmosphere of the image. Here we will work on contrasts in particular.
  • Corrections and finalisation: this is where I will make any small alterations. I will also teach you two additional techniques to refine the atmosphere in terms of the play of light. Finally, I will give you some tips on how to improve certain aspects of the image.
  • Saving the image: choice of format in high definition and for the web.
  • Questions/answers : we will take stock of the concepts studied, and answer any questions you may have.



  • This course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. I will adapt and alternate these two parts according to your already acquired knowledge, and the techniques I will present to you.
  • For the practical part, you will be guided throughout the process of creating the image.
  • In order to optimise the duration of the course, I invite you to read the section "How the Photoshop courses are run" on the FAQ page.

For your information

  • A summary will be given to you after the course. It will be sent the same day to your e-mail address in PDF format. This 14-page summary includes written explanations, as well as screenshots of the Photoshop interface. You will be able to review each step of the image creation process.


Video recording:
This course is accompanied by a video recording.
It is recorded during the course and includes the key points. Also, depending on your specific needs, which will be assessed during the course, some additional points may be added to the video.
The video summary will be sent to you in MP4 format, by WeTransfer, after the course.

27 avis pour Cours Photoshop architecture noir & blanc

  1. Judith Guenther (confirmed customer)

    Black and White Architecture was my third course with David and probably the most intensive. He is a master at making selections, working with levels and gradients on each section to turn a photograph into a work of fine art. His method of demonstrating some techniques followed by the student sharing their screen and trying out the techniques is superb. He watches, makes suggestions, corrects when necessary, and shows you amazing tools that will require you to get a "bigger tool bag"! I love David's creativity and technical prowess. If I can retain what I learned in the course (which is made possible by having a recording of the course), I'll be able to improve my own work tremendously.

  2. Ed Orendorff (confirmed customer)

    I recently took David's B&W Architecture course. I can't say enough about his methodical teaching process and his patience in demonstrating his techniques for processing B&W architecture. David was very generous with his time with me which I truly appreciated. The follow-up video recordings reinforced the learning process. David is a great instructor, very patient and encouraging. I highly recommend this course. Thanks David!

    Edward O.

  3. Gilles Vavasseur (confirmed customer)

    I just took David's Photoshop Architecture Noir et Blanc course. Excellent in every way.
    I appreciated his teaching skills, his competence and his availability. He knows how to adapt the pace of the course to the level of the participant. The whole course is done in small phases, after each one he gives you the hand to carry out the exercise.
    As soon as the course was over, I received the video and PDFs of the training.
    It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to more.
    I can't recommend this training enough.

  4. catherine Godefroy (confirmed customer)

    I've already taken a lot of training courses (often American) which were very good, but with David I'm so happy because I've learned so much and I'm going to be able to put my artistic side into practice. What's more, David is very generous with his time, which I really appreciate. All your questions will be answered. And a pdf of the course is sent to you. In conclusion, I highly recommend this training course, which is nothing but positive.

  5. Serge Noel BRULE (confirmed customer)

    Each of David's courses is a real treasure trove of learning. He teaches us, but more than that, he gives us all the keys and secrets we need to take our shared passion for beautiful photography to the next level.
    The desire to always do well and to continue, to explore new avenues. It's also the work of a great master. Many thanks to you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. CHRISTIAN DELCAMBRE (confirmed customer)

    I really appreciated David's pedagogy. Tips, easy to reproduce. A video support that allows you to come back at any time on what is said during the course (a lot of information...). I highly recommend it.

  7. Joe LeGrand (confirmed customer)

    An amazing experience, David patiently demonstrated his tips and techniques with this process. The workflow he suggests is a great starting point which will evolve as more projects are started. The effect is illusionistic with a great sense of fine art styling. As always, the video recording is a great review. He plans to make the experience rewarding as every question will be answered sometimes with an added video.

  8. Nelly Maury (confirmed customer)

    After several architectural photography courses with David where he never spared his time or his knowledge and always in the exchange and the conviviality the Ps architecture Black and White course became an evidence to finalize my photographs.

    The fear of Ps, of the layers which just seeing their names paralysed me and after various training sessions where I didn't understand much, David managed to make me want to go further without ever insisting.
    David managed to make me want to go further without ever insisting, he gave me confidence.

    David is a very good teacher, full of patience and encouragement.
    The video recordings are a great plus

    A course and a trainer that I highly recommend

    Many thanks to you David

  9. lazaro order (confirmed customer)

    Training that I recommend! A training course based on a demonstration and then on practice under his control, which allows you to immediately acquire the technique and the right reflexes on Photoshop. This is my 2nd training with David and I learned in 3 hours what I have tried in several years... This training which applies to architecture will also be very useful for my street photography treatments. David's training in a few words... Professional, pedagogical, efficient, attentive and available, What else! Don't hesitate!

  10. giovanna picceri (confirmed customer)

    Trovo David un grande fotografo e fantastico insegnante di foto ritocco. Visiting his website I wanted to do all the courses and I started with the B/N of architecture. The course was very well structured. David is a very generous teacher in his advice and suggestions. I learned a lot about how not only to learn but also to do. Questo essere presa per mano e guidata passo passo mentre fai per me è stato importantissimo. I have looked at the registrations several times, which I received immediately after the lectures, because they are a source of information. Creating a friendly atmosphere David puts you in charge of your work. Grazia David. Arrivederci.

  11. Léa BADRAH (confirmed customer)

    What can I say about a course where you feel privileged to be taken completely by an expert and a professional! Happiness, the course is complete and full of information, the methodology is just perfect, theory and practice as if the face to face is real, very clear and easy to remember explanations, with the patience of a passionate and pedagogue.
    Bravo David, and especially thank you for your knowledge sharing and your generosity, it was perfect.


  12. Nicolas AGUILAR (confirmed customer)

    This course was exactly what I was looking for, to acquire the tools to create these beautiful black and white images. For that you can count on David who is a passionate and very educational trainer. I did not see the time pass.
    Now it's up to me to work on developing my style.
    A big thank you David.

  13. René ROUYER (confirmed customer)

    Super distance training, individualized, of more than 3 hours, David is a very good trainer, very pedagogical and attentive to the trainees. He gives a multitude of advice: tips, shortcuts ... very useful for the use of Photoshop in general. The materials that accompany this training, PDF file and video recording of the session, are of high quality and extremely useful to implement the various topics covered. In short, this is a top-notch training course that I recommend if you are interested in black and white architecture! Thank you David

  14. Hamid SAIDI (confirmed customer)

    A great formation! A trainer who takes the time, who adapts, who makes sure that we understand, who gives it all. The supports and materials that accompany this training are of quality. Thank you David for this sharing and I hope to see you soon for new exchanges.

  15. Jean-Michel COIN (confirmed customer)

    David has taught me a lot in those 3 hours and more of training. You can feel that he loves what he does and his desire to share is very present.
    The course is very well built, we learn step by step until the final result. We move forward at the student's pace and David answers questions and goes back if necessary. At the end of the course, we receive a pdf summarizing the main steps of the course and a video shot during the course.
    In short, don't hesitate, go for it!

  16. Mitch Zoller (confirmed customer)

    David is a very professional trainer, very pedagogical, who takes the time to explain everything in simple and effective words. It is obvious that he knows his job and above all he is one of those people who likes to share his knowledge. If you want to evolve, I recommend his trainings.

  17. Guilhem Doublet (confirmed customer)

    I will keep it simple: an extremely pedagogical course where David takes us step by step towards the realization of an archi image in black and white by sharing his recipes and tips with us without ever getting lost in too complicated techniques and by adapting to our level.
    The skype course is very interactive, with an alternation between observation and realization so that you never get lost.
    In addition, David is very nice and from the first contact at the end of the course (and even more) he is a very pleasant conversation companion.

  18. didier.lanore (confirmed customer)

    Super interesting course! David is very pedagogical, his images are well chosen to illustrate his course. Sharing via Skype really allows you to learn and practice immediately. I learned a lot of practical tips to save time and yet I already practice PS for a while! To recommend

  19. pnguyenphoto (confirmed customer)

    I was drawn to David's beautiful black-and-white architectural photos, with sharp contrasts as I like. After an online registration, a pre-test with skype to check that everything will be ok on D-Day, here we are gone for 3 hours of online classes. The steps are gradual and David is very very good teacher and spares no explanations by distilling many tricks on Photoshop by the way. We alternate between his explanations on his PC and their immediate application on our own version, to build our creative image on Photoshop. There is not only one technique to achieve the result and David gives us some alternatives, to adapt according to his tastes and preferences. It's very complete and at the end, we have a little pdf summary of the main steps. I highly recommend: David is fluent in his subject and I have not seen time pass, in his good company :) All that remains is to apply and practice...

  20. muriel003 (confirmed customer)

    For a long time I saw the images produced by David, and asked me questions about how to deal with this kind of image, how to achieve this result.

    I decided to take this training offered by David, and I do not regret at all.
    This training confirms that a beautiful black and white photo is not just a desaturation or simple conversion to black and white.

    The trainer:
    David masters his subject perfectly and adapts the speech according to the skill level of his interlocutor.
    It does not count the time spent (yes yes there is rab because it's good :-) ).

    The content:
    the approach is progressive both in terms of methods and exercises. Going through the opening of the image and the first adjustments until the finer touch-ups for a beautiful final rendering.
    With clear explanations, we quickly understand what needs to be done to get great results.
    Afterwards we receive a very detailed support that takes up everything that was seen during the training with as a bonus keyboard shortcuts (which you have to learn if you want to save time).

    Quality training, passionate and very professional trainer. If you want to produce black and white images that are different from a simple "B&W", then you should not hesitate to follow this training.

    Thank you David and see you soon.


  21. pledenmat (confirmed customer)

    In addition to his talents as a photographer and retoucher, David is a professional and patient, professional and patient trainer. He has this passion to pass on his knowledge and bring us the best throughout the course. At the end of these 3 hours (and more...) the progress is considerable in terms of the organization of the work, understanding and use of tools, appreciation of renderings, contribution of the small touches that will give this shine to the image. It's all there, not to mention the many tricks that will make the workflow easier afterwards. An undeniably successful experience beyond what I could hope for! Thank you David! and see you soon...

  22. michkaphotos (confirmed customer)

    A little scalded by a previous experience, I admit that I was a little nervous at first, but this training really delighted me.
    Preparation very pro: exchange mail, such then skype test with a good exchange to get to know.
    The content fully met my expectations and the interactive formula is a real plus, a particular course, therefore necessarily customer-focused and made of exchanges.
    In addition to the technical background and pedagogy, I would like to welcome the availability of David who is not time at all and who also ensures the SAV :), for my part I also recommend without hesitation.

  23. eyerdu (confirmed customer)

    For all those interested in this training I will try to give as complete an opinion as possible:
    First of all, this training takes place with Skype software, for a person like me who had never used this software, nor ever turned on my webcam it can seem confusing.
    But in the end I got a great experience! As a normal I pay for training in the form of videos to download, but this kind of training is really more human!
    We have a hyper-competent trainer, who answers all our questions, not to mention all the little photoshop tricks that helps us greatly in our future retouching...
    I was able to learn a lot, and my first test on one of my shots confirms that this training is really the one I needed.

    If you want to make beautiful "black and white", frankly go ahead!


  24. fromentin.julien (confirmed customer)

    I had a very pleasant and informative time.
    David is super accessible, attentive and available. It also provides training with little tips that will be very useful to you. I recommend 200% this training. At the end of the course, black and white will no longer have a secret for you :)

  25. nbrechenmacher (confirmed customer)

    A great time with David who is very pedagogical and extremely patient. Everything is explained step by step from a photo; time to understand the main principles, and here we are at the maneuver before the attentive and rigorous eyes of David who does not hesitate to resume the explanations when needed. I've learned a lot and know I can count on David's after-the-fact advice when I produce my first photos.
    A must for those who love architecture!

  26. otaguia (confirmed customer)

    excellent!! David is a passionate and as such does not count these hours lol.

    I learned a lot of techniques. Not only did D-Day we spend more than 3H together but in addition to a difficulty I had I called it and we spent about two hours longer. I therefore highly recommend his training.


  27. yoyles (confirmed customer)

    Trainer very professional, very pedagogical, who takes the time to explain everything and then to implement it. At the end of the court the result is there! Don't hesitate, an archi courtyard with a competent photographer who doesn't count his hours :)

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