Online workshop – Creative Fine Art Architecture


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This workshop is only offered in English

  • Participation Price in euros for 1 person
  • Dates : Saturday, June 15th and Saturday, June 22th, 2024.
    John Kosmopoulos will be presenting on Saturday, June 15th.
    David Duchens will be presenting on Saturday, June 22th.
  • Schedule : CET 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm (Paris Time) | EST 10:00 am to 12:30 pm (New York Time) | PST 7:00 am to 9:30 am (Los Angeles time).
  • Prerequisite : good knowledge of Photoshop basics (intermediate user)
  • Video recording of the 2 sessions provided
    (see description below for more details)

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You are most welcome to this dynamic collaboration between John Kosmopoulos and David Duchens where we will explore what it means to imagine and develop creative fine art architectural photography.

Following is a description of the 2 sessions.

June, 15 th – John Kosmopoulos

Session Content

As an emerging or professional art photographer, you want to evolve and create your own path to a meaningful and inspirational expression of your photography. To do so, requires passion but also practical wisdom and psychological flexibility about how to make ordinary subjects and contexts an extraordinary experience for yourself and to the viewer of your art.

In this session, John will first guide participants on a photographic odyssey of his “specialist-generalist” philosophy, principles and practical approach to fine art colour photography through several series with a special emphasis on his captivating architectural and aesthetic "Irreal Ideals" series. In the presentation, John will focus on how he chooses his architectural subjects and compositions and elaborate on his “nth concept mapping” ideations that inspire his unique creative visions to form reflective explorations into taking standout photographs.

John will actively reveal his editing and thinking process in his “Irreal Ideals” series to assist participants to rethink and forward think about their own path to counter-intuitive curiosities in their photography using a “before-after-thereafter” approach. This approach allows for alternative, multi-faceted and iterative examinations beyond obvious or formulaic methods that add to the final touches of an image and its aesthetic qualities.

Participants are often intimidated by the use of Photoshop and other software programs to fulfill their vision and amplify their artistic voice. John’s workflow will demystify the complexities of raw editing by focusing on a less-is-more approach using Camera Raw, Photoshop tools and other programs as required to take your photography to the next level.

About the Artist

John Kosmopoulos is an art photographer who embodies an “Eclectic Aesthetic Fine Art” approach. He has received multiple international distinctions for his breadth of work. His images have been featured in galleries throughout the world, on billboards and in several national and international interviews and publications. His photography is also featured in a cinematic essay entitled “Greece Year Zero”.

He resides in the great city of Toronto where he balances his passion for the photographic arts and writing with his love of the psychological sciences as an analyst and educator. John also conducts on-location and virtual 1:1 and group “finer” art workshops in Canada and around the world with an emphasis on the expressive evolution of the emergent artist.


June, 22 th – David Duchens

Architecture is undoubtedly the field in which I express myself most in photography, and this for many years.
Color allows me to create images with a strong visual impact. Over the years, while I was deepening my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, I was looking for my own solutions to give my images special atmospheres.
The color allows me to create different universes, and trying to bring a personal touch. I have always liked "strong" colors. Also, colors always offer many possibilities of harmonious combinations.

In order to obtain the desired result, work will be done mainly on the colors, the sky, and finally the general atmosphere.
The transformations are often done in a localized way, a preliminary work of selection will be done. You will study the methodology starting from a SOOC file.

Session Content

  • Presentation of this image style: I will explain in a few words my creative approach to this image style.
  • Shooting consideration : technique and advice
  • Preparing selections: you will learn how to select different areas of an image, in preparation for the following steps.
  • Working with colors: here you will learn how to place colors or modify tints, using several adjustment tools. The approach will be different depending on the starting material.
  • Sky replacement I always paid attention to the creation of the sky in my images. The idea here being rather to create one's own skies, and thus to study the technique.
  • Creating the atmosphere: in this step you will learn how to modify the atmosphere of an image. Whether it is by playing on the contrasts, the quantity of light, or the colorimetry, the different possibilities will be explained. They allow you to give your own atmosphere to your images.
  • Finalizing the image: transforming an image often requires corrections at the end of the process. Here I will present some tips.
  • Filters : this workshop will be an opportunity to learn about some of the filters in the DXO Nik Collection and Boris FX Optics.


Software needed :
Adobe Photoshop (minimum CC)

Course of the workshop :
This workshop is delivered online (via the Internet), and live. The ZOOM video conferencing application will be used. The connection is established in a few clicks. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to Zoom to participate in the workshop. An invitation link will be sent to you by e-mail before each session. You will then simply be asked to download the application, in order to get the user interface. It is very easy to learn. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Video recording :
This workshop is accompanied by a video for each session.
It is recorded live during the workshop.
The video will be sent to you in MP4 format, via WeTransfer, after each session.


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