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This workshop is only offered in English

  • Participation Price in euros for 1 person
  • Dates : Sunday, February 25th and Sunday, March 03rd, 2024.
    Julia Anna Gospodarou will be presenting on Sunday, February 25th.
    David Duchens will be presenting on Sunday, February 03rd.
  • Schedule : CET 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm (Paris Time) | EST 11:00 am to 1:30 pm (New York Time) | PST 8:00 am to 10:30 am (Los Angeles time).
  • Prerequisite : good knowledge of Photoshop basics (intermediate user)
  • Video recording of the 2 sessions provided
    (see description below for more details)

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Join Julia Anna Gospodarou and David Duchens for an inspiring workshop where you will delve into the secrets of fine art architecture photography in black and white and color.

David and Julia will guide you into the world of architecture seen in a fine art manner and will show you how to use your vision and post-processing techniques to create compelling images that depart from reality, stepping into the realm of fantasy and art.
The workshop will be structured in 2 online sessions. The first session will be presented by Julia Anna Gospodarou on February 25, and the second by David Duchens on March 3.
You will join David and Julia on Zoom, for around 2.5 hours (or a bit longer) from the comfort of your home and learn how they create their most popular images.
Julia’s session will focus on fine art black and white architecture photography, while David’s session will focus on fine art color architecture photography. Both sessions will also elaborate on fine art architecture photography in general.
The sessions will be a combination of theory and practice. David and Julia will also work live on processing fine art architecture photographs.
Both sessions will be recorded and the participants will receive the recording a few days after the sessions.

Following is a description of the 2 sessions.

February, 25 th – Julia Anna Gospodarou
Understanding Fine Art Architecture Photography – A Black & White Odyssey of Form.

Architecture is one of the most compelling subjects for photography and a fascinating source of inspiration for fine art photography.

It is not always easy to create fine art architecture photography. Architecture is not a traditional subject for fine art photography, familiar to us, like, for instance, landscapes or people. It requires a deeper understanding and a different approach. It requires the photographer to go beyond appearances to understand the subject and connect to it so they can interpret it in an original way. This challenge makes this genre of photography even more interesting and surprising both for the photographer and the viewer.

In fine art photography, just like in art, we strive to surprise the viewer and make them think differently. We aim to challenge their beliefs and not only provide a beautiful photograph to enjoy. Art is more than beauty. Art means questioning yourself, discovering new things, finding a new way of seeing the world that will bring the viewer in a state of awe. This is what fine art architecture photography can offer – a new way of seeing and experiencing the world, both for the photographer and for the viewer.

Session Content

In this lecture, we will focus on how to understand and approach architecture to create fine art photography. Our goal will be not only to find inspiration but also to gather the knowledge that will give you an edge over approaching architecture photography more traditionally.

The lecture will be comprised of two parts: an introductory theoretical presentation, and a practical post-processing session of one of Julia’s most popular images.

Julia will share with the students both the theoretical and technical knowledge needed so the students can start creating a personal style in fine art architecture photography, as well as the practical tools necessary to take the photograph from the stage of the capture to the final image through post-processing.

In the post-processing session, Julia will focus on black and white photography, but the general principles presented apply to any kind of fine art architecture photography, including color photography.

We will discuss technical and artistic considerations, aesthetic and practical principles, we will analyze the best ways to work with light and the best post-processing techniques for working with architecture,  as well as many other things that can give information and inspiration to anyone wanting to work with architecture.

This lecture will be useful for anyone working with architecture photography and wanting to bring something new to their work, as well as those who haven’t worked with architecture before but want to incorporate this subject into their work. The aim is to offer everyone a guideline that will help them start working with architecture in an artistic way. It will be accessible to any photographer, professional or hobbyist, who wants to learn something new and take their photography to the next level.

About Julia Anna Gospodarou

Based on 30 years of experience as an architect and fine art photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou will share the knowledge that enabled her to win more than 100 awards over the years in international photography competitions, among which becoming a two-time winner of the IPA International Photography Awards Architecture Photographer of the Year.

Julia is the founder of (en)Visionoography, a concept of creating photography starting from the vision of the artist and not necessarily from the subject, in the same way and with the same methods art is created.  She is the creator of Photography Drawing, a post-processing technique and approach for creating three-dimensional-looking B&W photography based on the principles of classical drawing. (en)Visionography and Photography Drawing have profoundly influenced the B&W photography scene in recent years, providing inspiration for many photographers to explore photography in a different way.

For the past decades, Julia has worked with hundreds of students in international workshops, conferences, lectures, and by creating a vast amount of educational content related to fine art photography and B&W photography, books, tutorials, video courses, etc.,

March, 03 rd - David Duchens
Color in Architecture

Architecture is undoubtedly the field in which I express myself most in photography, and this for many years.
Color allows me to create images with a strong visual impact. Over the years, while I was deepening my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, I was looking for my own solutions to give my images special atmospheres.
The color allows me to create different universes, and trying to bring a personal touch. I have always liked "strong" colors. Also, colors always offer many possibilities of harmonious combinations.

In order to obtain the desired result, work will be done mainly on the colors, the sky, and finally the general atmosphere.
The transformations are often done in a localized way, a preliminary work of selection will be done. You will study the methodology starting from a SOOC file.

Session Content

  • Presentation of this image style: I will explain in a few words my creative approach to this image style.
  • Shooting consideration : technique and advice
  • Preparing selections: you will learn how to select different areas of an image, in preparation for the following steps.
  • Working with colors: here you will learn how to place colors or modify tints, using several adjustment tools. The approach will be different depending on the starting material.
  • Sky replacement I always paid attention to the creation of the sky in my images. The idea here being rather to create one's own skies, and thus to study the technique.
  • Creating the atmosphere: in this step you will learn how to modify the atmosphere of an image. Whether it is by playing on the contrasts, the quantity of light, or the colorimetry, the different possibilities will be explained. They allow you to give your own atmosphere to your images.
  • Finalizing the image: transforming an image often requires corrections at the end of the process. Here I will present some tips.
  • Filters : this workshop will be an opportunity to learn about some of the filters in the DXO Nik Collection and Boris FX Optics.


Software needed :
Adobe Photoshop (minimum CC)

Course of the workshop :
This workshop is delivered online (via the Internet), and live. The ZOOM video conferencing application will be used. The connection is established in a few clicks. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to Zoom to participate in the workshop. An invitation link will be sent to you by e-mail before each session. You will then simply be asked to download the application, in order to get the user interface. It is very easy to learn. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Video recording :
This workshop is accompanied by a video for each session.
It is recorded live during the workshop.
The video will be sent to you in MP4 format, via WeTransfer, after each session.

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4 avis pour Online workshop – Fine Art Architecture in Black and White and Color

  1. Julie Rasmont (client confirmé)

    Une fois de plus, cet atelier a été passionnant et très instructif ! Les formateurs n’hésitent pas à passer du temps (et même plus que prévu) à expliquer leur approche et leurs techniques. C’est passionnant de voir comment chacun arrive à mettre en valeur son sujet et à découvrir les techniques qu’il utilise ! Les explications sont claires et facilement compréhensibles même pour des francophones ayant un niveau d’anglais moyen ! C’est un atelier à ne pas manquer !

    Once again, this workshop was fascinating and extremely instructive ! The trainers don’t hesitate to spend time (and even more than initially planned) explaining their approach and techniques.
    It’s so exciting to see how everyone manages to bring out the best in their subject and discover the techniques they use !
    The explanations are clear and easily understood even by French speakers with an average level of English ! This is a workshop not to be missed !

  2. Iden Ford (client confirmé)

    I recentlyI took the 2 day workshop with David Duchens and with Julia Anna Gospodarou

    This was illuminating and a learning experience from two master architectual/Fine art pphotographers and experienced teachers who are both amazing artists.
    I’ve been working for 21 years in my field with primarily portrait and studio photography for dance and film/television work.
    I chose to expand my education and skill level recently due to my interest in the fine art world of photography.
    My creative interest grew more and more through working with David and his courses as well as a one on one session with him.

    David also posted a wo Day session with Julia Gospadaro.
    A new world opened uip as a result of their wonderful teaching and the sharing of how to accomplish new results and transform both my capture and editing style.
    When you reach the place in your photography where you want to reach new heights and achieve images youre proud of…. Go on a journey with Julia and David.
    You will look into a whole other way of approach with both capture and editing your images, and understand the meaning of Fine Art Photography.

    Iden Ford ICinematographers Guild of Canada –

  3. Irene Theriau (client confirmé)

    My partner and I took David Duchen’s class on last Sunday…
    Fine Art Architecture in Black and White and Colour
    David is so knowledgeable with Photoshop…learned lots of different ideas…
    One must never stop learning…
    Plus you get a recording…as one cannot remember all the steps, LOL
    Great value for your $
    Thank you David…we thoroughly your class…and will be taking another one

  4. Serge Noel BRULE (client confirmé)

    De très haut niveau, ce workshop en ligne est remarquable à bien des égards. Analyse de la photo architecturale, étude de l’intention photographique, matériel utilisé, techniques de traitement pour parvenir à l’intention initiale. Les explications sont claires et les formateurs sont d’une très grande générosité. À refaire dès que possible.

    At a very high level, this online workshop is remarkable in many ways. Analysis of architectural photography, study of photographic intent, equipment used, processing techniques to achieve the initial intent. The explanations are clear, and the trainers are very generous. To be done again as soon as possible.

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