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  • Tariff in euros for 1 person
  • Dates : Sunday 03 and Sunday 10, September 2023
  • Schedule : 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm – French time zone – CEST – Time zone : UTC+2.
  • Prerequisite : good knowledge of Photoshop basics (intermediate user)
  • Video recording of the 2 sessions provided
    (see description below for more details)

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Preamble :
With this workshop, I am glad to announce my first collaboration with Enrico Fossati.
Enrico is a talented landscape photographer and image maker from Italy, who has gained widespread recognition for his breathtaking images of nature and the changing seasons.
With a passion for capturing the essence of mood and emotion in his work, Enrico has honed his skills as an image editor to produce truly unique and unforgettable experiences for his viewers.
The idea here is to present an online workshop dedicated to landscape imagery. Enrico and I will show the entire process on a landscape image.

Contents of the workshop :
September 3 – Enrico Fossati

The process explained is characterized by a strong artistic component where is needed a certain amount of manual work that once acquired the necessary skill is able to grant you the ability to develop your own unique pictures.
The course is for intermediate level users where concepts or layer masks, blending options smart objects are clear.
During the course Enrico will analize various aspects starting from a preliminary introduction to his vision and source of inspriation
The class will be based on a couple of my most popular shots where he will explain step by step the entire process from raw file to the final jpeg.

Course Content :
Exposures Blending, Manual Blending, Color Grading, Creative effects, use of luminosity masks Color Dodge, Time Blending and various effects including Light Diffusion, Light Creation and Glowing Lights.

Softwares needed :
Any version of Nik Collection
Adobe Photoshop (minimum CC)
Any luminosity mask panel that is able to generate luminosity channels (TK6 Rapid Panel Free is perfect (click here).

September, Sunday 10 – David Duchens

In this session you will learn how to sublimate a forest image, taken in autumn.
This is the time when nature offers its magnificent palette of colours. This course will teach you techniques that will allow you to obtain results with a visual “boost” compared to the initial shot. You will be able to create different atmospheres, by playing with light, colours, modifying the sky, or even adding sun rays.

  • Shooting :
    technique and advice.
  • Sky replacement :
    You will learn how to crop the sky in the “classic” way, using separation masks (preparation on an alpha layer). This technique is very effective for selecting small elements. This will be the case here with the branches and foliage of trees.
  • Colours :
    Colours are one of the main elements to work on.
    You will learn to use several of the most impactful settings. The modifications will sometimes be global, but most often localised. You will therefore use tools to select areas of the image.
  • Atmosphere :
    As you will have noticed from the images in this course, the overall mood is almost always different from the base image. You will see how to create different moods, sometimes with global applications on the image, but more often by playing on the lights and shadows in a localized way. The creation of rays of light, the dramatization of the sky, or the creation of mist, all contribute strongly to the overall atmosphere. All these techniques will help you achieve the results you want.
  • Filters :
    You will discover in this course the use of several filters from the Nik Collection suite (see below the software section). Some of them contribute to work an atmosphere in a very simple way.

As with Enrico's session, the techniques covered will be demonstrated live on Photoshop.

Questions / Answers :
During the different stages of the 2 workshops, questions may be asked.
Also, 15/30 minutes will be devoted at the end of the workshop for a question and answer session.

Course of the workshop :
This workshop is delivered online (via the Internet), and live. The ZOOM video conferencing application will be used. The connection is established in a few clicks. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to Zoom to participate in the workshop. An invitation link will be sent to you by e-mail before each session. You will then simply be asked to download the application, in order to get the user interface. It is very easy to learn. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Video recording :
This workshop is accompanied by a video for each session.
It is recorded live during the workshop.
The video will be sent to you in MP4 format, via WeTransfer, after each session.

You can find Enrico Fossati's work on the networks:
Website :
Instagram :
Facebook :


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