Paris is certainly better known for its Haussmannian-style buildings than for its high-rise towers. The French capital has only a relatively small number. The tallest is the Montparnasse tower, with about 200 meters high and 59 floors. Its terrace is also a must for photographers, as it offers an absolutely splendid view of the Eiffel Tower in particular. You will understand that I will not be talking about the defence business district here, because it is on the periphery.

The Front de Seine district is one of the few intramural complexes focusing about twenty towers on a slab. They have a height of 100 meters, and about 30 floors for much of them, and some lower towers at its ends. Located in the 15th arrondissement in southwestern Paris, along the Seine, between the bridges of Bir-Hakeim and Mirabeau, the construction of this complex was initiated in the 1970s, ending in 1990.

In recent years, the Front de Seine has undergone major renovations, especially with the opening of the new Beaugrenelle shopping centre at the end of 2013. It replaced the old shopping centre built in 1978. The development of green spaces on the slab in particular, has really revived this complex which has always seemed somewhat "cold" and empty, which may seem paradoxical if one imagines the large number of people living there.

Photographically speaking, the views that allow photographing the entire Seine Front are usually located from the nearby bridges (Bir-Hakeim, Grenelle, Mirabeau) or from Swan Island, on the Seine and just in in front of the neighborhood. Although the towers are all different, they are similar in design, with the exception of the Totem, Mirabeau or Crystal Tower, the last one built.

The Seine front is certainly the neighborhood I know best in Paris. From my teens to today, I spend almost every day there. To take pictures, the possibilities are endless. You will see in the series of images that follows some of my "old" compositions, and also monochrome images that are among the first in the style I practice now.

Have a nice walk!


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Photography course

I regularly offer photo lessons in the front of the Seine district, because, in addition to the photographic interest it offers, it is only a few steps from the Eiffel Tower. You can find out the details of the photo courses by clicking on the thumbnails below: